Thursday, December 17, 2009

Step 4 Alternatives

As you know Step 4 tickets can be used to buy into any $200 +15 buyin touney. There are several options here. The first that comes to mind is the sexy Sunday Million. All the big boys are there, the potential payout is ridiculous, but the game starts at 10:30 PM. There is also the Sunday Warm-Up. It starts at 7 PM, has less players than the Million, but also less prize money. Finally there are several other smaller MTTs. I'm going to shy these because I expect the number of pros will far out way the number of donks. With the big Sunday tourneys, I can hopefully have enough weak players early on to play comfortably. I have no idea when I will play, but I get a freeroll ticket to another huge prize money tourney from Pokerstars if I get 300 fpps in December. The 75 from playing my step 4 would put me over that...

Any thoughts?

PS: I also have over 3000 FPPs now. I'm pretty sure they will be invested in a Million Dollar Turbo Takedown one of these months :)


  1. I believe the freeroll is based upon 27 tickets from each level (A trough E). This means you get 4 tickets to respectively A through D qualifier with 300+ FPP's. I am getting 2 or 3 myself. Once you're "in" the 100K freeroll you should be guaranteed USD 135,-.

    For the 3K FPP's (this is worth approx. USD 48,-) there are a number of satelittes available for both steps and Sunday mill, etc. Why not try and convert these into more step 4s or 13,5K FFP's (which is the entry fee for 215,- tournies). Remeber how close we both were on the 100 FPP super turbos? lol.

  2. It really boils down to your priorities, doesn't it? Sounds like the Sunday Warm-Up is at a more convenient time for you and may offer a better chance at cashing. Even though the prize pool is smaller, I expect you'd be happy with the payout! But if you have your heart set on playing in the "sexy" Sunday Million, why not go for it? Either way, I'm sure you'll have more opportunities to play in more $215 buy-in tourneys -- just make sure you have the Discovery Channel on!

    P.S. I like the simplified cards now that I've gotten used to them (I lost the first 3 6-max's I played with them and thought they were jinxed). Thanks to you and MrSmith for the tip.

  3. MrSmith, your suggested use of my fpps sounds smart. And I will get to play a ton more tourneys trying to flip the fpps into something better. Now I have something else to think about - LOL!

    Benko, I haven't found anything discussing differnces between the two tourneys. You are right, about the payouts, I would be happy to mincash in either and a final table payout combined with seeing my avatar on starstv would be a milestone!

    Good to hear the simplified cards are working out for you. They are easy to read once you get used to them. MrSmith convinced me as well.