Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Read Gone Awry

I played the Daily 30K last night. Things started well. I was getting cards and connecting with the flops. Furthermore, I was at the same table the whole game which allowed for me to get some solid reads on the other players.

Hellmuth210 to my right was LAG. He often raised oop and he loved to raise and reraise post flop often scaring opponents into folding. I was purposefully trying to create situations where I played him heads up in hopes that I could double up through him. This strategy resulted in two very critical hands for me. Neither went as expected...

Roland's Daily 30K

Hand 122
Here the big stack limps utg and Hellmuth raises 3x. I know he is making this type of raise with a very wide range. I feel pretty confident that I'm ahead. Therefore, I move all in hoping to isolate him. I made the mistake of not considering the few players left to act, but I sure liked the flop! I would play this hand the same way if I had to do it again.

Final hand
1010 is the lower end of pocket pairs that I'll raise up utg. In this situation however, I had a solid stack and was hoping to isolate Hellmuth in the bb rather than getting a string of callers. Preflop action went as planned only the lag bb calling. I bet into the lag with top pair on a partially connected board. He made a solid reraise which set off a few warning bells in my head. However, I was playing to get a big stack that would offer me the chance of getting deep AND my general read on him indicated that my hand was probabaly good. As a result, I ignored what his reraise was telling me and moved all in.

Reads are important, but you have to look at the particulars of the hand too!

One of these days I'm going to ft a Daily 30K...

PS: I also lost a few 3/45s with my classic AK hand getting called by AQ and spiking the Q.



  1. Nice post Roland! I was railbirding the game but didn't get to see the last hand "live". Watched the replay tho, ugly! Question; What happened in HH 125. I checked the replay yesterday, it seems he mucked the hand on the flop? Didn't even bother to try and check it down?

  2. Yeah, he forced a fold for some reason. I guess he was stopping himself from getting caught up in a post flop battle. Let's just assume that my table rep scared him too much LOL!

    I had quite a few ugly hands yesterday in all my games. Some went my way, but most didn't.

  3. unbelievable, first you are a fish, and you lie about the hands you post? i was in this game... unbelievable... I have hand histories from this game, i' ll post them.... I can't believe it ahahahaha

  4. Hey clement! I was railbirding the same tourney and saw the hands myself. Mr donk helmuth raised pf (just watch the replayer above) and Roland moved AI with JJ. You calling with KK is normal, but you can't complain as long as helmuth was the target and Roland had his chips in first. Hope to see you again at the tables clement

  5. LOL, he's still steaming about his KK getting cracked. I lost 14 consecutive all ins with KK. The hand history as MrSmith pointed out, is NOT altered.

    I doubt clement will become a follower here...