Friday, December 4, 2009

Klokkhammer Victory

The replay of Klokkhammer's victory is now posted in his original post.



  1. Thanks for doing that, Roland. Nice win, Klokkhammer! Even though it was a turbo, I thought you displayed admirable patience throughout, waiting until you had a big hand pre-flop or flopped a big hand before playing a big pot. (Nice hand with the quad fours! But I don't feel badly at all about knocking you out in our last game -- still haven't paid you back yet for that set over set!)

    I noticed you don't seem to like suited connectors much early (see e.g. Hands 11 and 15). No problem with that, some great players think they're overrated and as always it's partly a matter of style and preference but Hand 11 especially looks like a good situation to call (or even raise) rather than fold.

    Late in the game, when there are a lot of short stacks at the table, I wonder about open minraising with weak aces. I would think you're just inviting a short stack to go over the top and then you pretty much have to call due to pot odds when you're usually a 30/70 dog to a medium pair or bigger ace. But maybe you steal the blinds often enough for it to be +EV? Would be interested to hear your and Roland's and MrSmith's thoughts on that as you all have more experience with MTT turbos than me.

    The only hand I really didn't like was Hand 70 when you overcalled with AQ. You're getting tempting pot odds but you're almost always dominated by one of the other hands and one of the other players still had some chips to bet. (But maybe it's atypical for your opponents to turn over AK and 99 in this kind of tourney?)

    Hope you don't mind the comments. It was well played and a well deserved win for you!

    P.S. I didn't get to see the finish for some reason, Roland. The last group of six hands ends with Klokkhammer having pocket nines and about 107000 chips while his opponent has about 27000.

  2. Perhaps I missed a hand with all the goofing around getting it posted entailed. I'll check it again on Monday. The hh is at work.

    I'll look through the game and post my thoughts some time this weekend. Right now I need to fire up a set. I have been thinking about my game and am going to test a new adjustment for the 3/45 turbos. I'll post the change and some results after a few games. Basically, I'm adjusting my shoving range late game, but pre itm. I think the "blinding out" point is about 1 M higher than Moshman suggest s for sngs...

  3. Not at all benkogambit! It is very much appreciated to recieve comments like that. You guys are much more scientific than me, so this is a great opportunity for me to get my game evaluated.

    I need to go back in order to repsond properly to your comments - will do so.

    I arrived from spending 9 days Colombia yesterday so I am still a bit to dizzy (jet-lag) to do it now.

    Thanks for posting the game Roland. I struggled for ours to do so, but it was probably an error in the last hand that stopped me.

    Have you guys played the December game yet?

  4. h-70 was perhaps wrong, but i felt the hand was strong and i could afford to call, but seeing it now i am just glad that i folded :)

    You may look at my comments posted to roland gtx as well.

    The mini-raise with ax is something i usally am pestered by roland for doing. I know its supposed to be bad, but I feel that i am on the positive side by doing it.

    It widens my range of hands. I normally do not do this before in the second half of the game as the blinds get higher. Also very good in live games. The good thing is that you may fold without being to committed, and that you steal many blinds. In many cases the hand will be won with the ace as a high card in the end as well. It is however important that you mini-raise some of your monsters as well, otherwise you will not be taken seriously. It is simply a tactic I use (now you all know :)) I am happy to receive more criticism on this - maybe I should stop doing it?

    Anyway - very grateful for the comments.