Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simultaneous 3/45 wins

Here are my last two games. Now we can see how many questionable plays I made. The games were played simultaneously on my laptop late at night with Discovery Channel going in the background LOL!

Game 1

Game 2

After reviewing both games, I have to admit that Im pretty nitty early on and pretty much push/fold once the blinds get up there. This is my standard game for the 45 man turbos, but I play rather differently in larger mtts like the Daily 30k. You have to be able to play post flop in those since stacks are so deep.

Feel free to be brutal :)



  1. Game 1;
    HH 19,20 & 23 Very nice patience Roland! You must have been gutted about not playing "presto" for the boat.
    HH 26, 35, 37 & 40. AI 4x within 14 hands. I like the first AK, utg QJ on the next is interesting, and A3 sb vs bb is also a bit "swetty". The TT call on the last gets u into the game. I guess multitabling+turbo does the decisionmaking?
    HH 52. He's ur new BB, so I guess limp is ok. No C-bet although u didn't hit the flop (gutshot available there).
    HH 53. No re-raise? or didn't u want to c a flop?
    HH 61. Nicy nicy!
    HH 67 & 68. You have late position, but then again, these are the type of hands that get me into trouble at FT.
    HH 73. Multiway, nice re-raise getting the bigstack to fold.
    HH 78. Gutsy re-raise from SB.
    HH 92. No play on this? Or just a gut feeling?
    Long play 3-way, zendude likes to limp from button and gets lucky a couple of times. Then a nice comeback from the 88 loss to Arag. My kinda move on HH 111 and 112, well done.
    HH 115, why he didn't call we'll never know.
    HH 121, Your 37o hitting str8 vs TT, lol. He was clearly the weak player, so he got what he deserved.
    HU is nice. HH 122 "benko hand" that pays off. All in all a very nice game. You can lay low for the first 35-45 hands, then get that crucial double up that gets u into it and change mode/style.

  2. Nice wins Roland. Maybe you should combine discovery channel and pokerstars for the future.

  3. LOL, it worked yesterday. I played a set of four. I had two suck out losses with 12 remaining one 7th place for a min-cash and one 2nd where I ended up short stacked HU, got all in with A5s vs QJo and lost the hand. Profitable for the day though so no complaints from me :)

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  5. Not much to be brutal about there! The turbos seem to reach the "muck or move" stage pretty quickly and we seem to have similar pushing ranges. Nice double win -- I wish I had your talent for multi-tabling!

  6. Thanks Benko! Ill trade you some multitabling skillz for your sng skillz :)