Saturday, December 12, 2009

Minraising Links

A couple of links to a video by Mike Leah and a short article by Negreanu about minraising. I think Klokkhammer must be Mike Leah in disguise! As Roland will probably recall, I went through a "small ball" phase when I was open raising to 2.5x the BB. I don't remember why I dropped it, maybe I'll give it a go at the 6-max tables.


  1. Don't know what went wrong with the links....

  2. Nothing wrong with the links. I've never heard of this Mike Leah guy, but he has some nice points on "that" leading to more postflop play.

  3. Nice links benkogambit

    I agree that with the videos; however, let me just make two points.

    1. Do you want to play post flop with marginal hands rather than win the hand preflop without a fight? If I have a deep stack and I am confident about my post flop skill, then yes this seems like a viable line. In turbos, I don't think this works as well though.

    2. Minraising post flop, especially late in the game, is quite good. Scary flops are often just as scary for your opponent. A minraise will often get them to fold the better hand if they don't like the flop. This move is already part of my arsenal :)

    PS: I kept an eye on minraisers all weekend. Many early min-raises looked like monsters hoping for action and won the pot without a fight. I reraises (shoved) on EVERY late position minraise that came my way while in the bb. I think I won them all, mostly to folds...