Monday, December 14, 2009

$13 6-max (playing against a minraiser to your left)

This was a long one. The 3-handed bubble phase lasts from hands 77-123. The most interesting part is the first eight hands though. The player immediately to my left kept minraising me both pre-flop and post-flop. Very irritating. In keeping with the recent thread on minraising, any thoughts on alternate lines I could have taken or general strategies for dealing with minraisers immediately to your left would be most welcome.

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  1. Nice game!

    H4 with 66, pf, like you, I'm grudgingly calling the mini reraise. You are last to act pf and the implied odds are tasty. However, about half the time I'm betting on the turn due to the passive flop play from the others. So early in the game I am viewing his raise seriously since we don't have any other info.

    H5 with 77, minraise again from same guy, now he is looking more and more like a laggy player. I'm happier calling pf this time. Unfortunately the flop is a disaster with 3 suited cards. Even if you make your flush, 7 is weak. The flop gets checked and you take a stab at the pot on the turn and get reraised again. I'm not risking my tourney life over this hand so early. I'm folding to the turn reraise even with the odds.

    H6 This hand is pretty important. Not only do you get your chips back, but you finally get to see his cards. He limped utg with Q9o and paid you off. Now you know he is a lag donk!

    H8 I like your line, but was a bit surprized that he called your shove. He really was a donk!

    Whenever I see players with extreme styles, tight passive, calling stations, extremely laggy, I try to create situations where I can exploit their weakness. Getting these types of defining reads on players gets difficult when multitabling unfortunately. In longer MTTs this is the key to building a stack often.