Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My daughter plays a 3/45 turbo..............

18 left in the tourney and I had to step away.

We discussed the hands afterwards, and she told me helself which hands she should have played differently. Not too bad for a 10 year old!


  1. She would like input on;
    HH 6
    HH 1o
    HH 13
    HH 15 Talk about postflop "balls"
    HH 16
    HH 18 is first hand at FT, lol!

  2. H6 is a cointoss. You are probably ahead, but will probably get called too. Im probably folding half of the time. Shoving is ev+ though on a pushbot chart.

    H10 Your hand is too good to fold, but you want to isolate the shorty who moved all in. Im reraising all in to isolate.

    As played, you have pot odds to call the reraise, but you will be short if you lose. Tough spot. Dont sweat the results :)

    H13 On the surface it looks like a easy fold. However the raiser and bb are very short stacked. You are only risking 2.5bb to win a nice pot. You are getting desperate yourself. After thinking about the situation, I like the call!
    H15 Im folding or moving all in this late in the game with so few chips. Post flop was played like a pro though! Fantastic!

    Up until this point she was making smart pf folds.

    H16 boarderline, Im not sure if folding or shoving is best. I do like the aggressive move though. Her heart is in the right place!

    H17 Smart call! Even though you have trash, you have to call being so short. Perfect example that a hand is never hopeless preflop. nh

    H18 Unfortunately this is an easy fold. UTG raise at full table indicates strength and your hand isnt that great. Wait for a better opportunity where you can be the aggressor.

    Nice game!

  3. Not much to add to Roland's fine analysis. A lot depends on people's table images.

    HH 6 Agree with Roland. Would lean toward shoving if both our table images are tight, lean toward folding if we are both loose. Would definitely shove with a medium kicker instead of a 3.

    HH 10 Can't really fault any choice here (fold/call/all-in) but with an M of 6 and five players still to act including two bigger stacks than mine in the blinds, I would take a more timid line than Roland. AQ looks good but your stack size is awkward, your position is terrible and if you flat call, the BB is sure to call too given the pot odds. Under game conditions I might well call but with time to think, it looks like a fold to me. Would shove with AK.

    HH 13 EV+ so I can't fault you or Roland for liking the call. Under game conditions, with an M of just under 4, I'm probably folding and preserving my chips for an open shove on one of the next four hands. Nice play.

    HH 15-18 Agree with Roland's comments.

    Nice game. If MrSmith suddenly goes on a tear, we'll know why!