Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paulson Chips (continued)

Roland, quick question for whenever you have time.... How many chips did you order for your custom set and what breakdown between denominations did you decide on?

Since the acrylic chip carrier will hold 600 chips, I figured I might as well go ahead and order 600 chips (instead of 550). For a 600 chip, four denomination set, I've seen several different recommendations on ChipTalk and elsewhere including:


A few people have commented that the second lowest denomination chip is the most useful, which sounds plausible, so I'm currently leaning towards a 160/240/120/80 split. With 8 players, I could still run a T5000 tourney with starting stacks of 20x25, 15x100, 4x500 and 1x1000 as you suggested or, with 10 players, 16x25, 16x100, 4x500 and 1x1000. Or even run a deep stack T10000 tourney with few enough players.

BTW, I will probably use the following blind structure which smooths out some of the percentage increases in the blinds from one level to the next:

color up
color up


  1. I ordered 600 chips with 4 demons just like you are doing. Here is my breakdown.

    $5 160 chips
    $25 210 chips
    $100 160 chips
    $500 70 chips

    I the middle two demons are always important. These are used for coloring up and for rebuys.

    Let me look more closely at your blind structure and the other factors and I'll get back to you. However, your suggested setup looks ok at first glance.


  2. OK Benko, I've looked at the numbers again. The setup you suggest (160, 240, 120, 80) works well.

    I based things on
    20, 15, 4, 1 starting stack
    10 ($100), 6 ($500), 1 ($1000) rebuy stack
    3 color ups, so you play HU with only $1000s

    It is possible to go 200, 230, 100, 70 as well. This will ensure the 20, 15, 4, 1 starting stack even in a 10 man game. However, your setup allows for a bit more flexability in a 10 man game regarding, rebuys, color ups and 1 denom HU play. Furthermore, your suggestion will make deep stack T10000 easier (even with 8 players).

    You should be good under normal conditions either way you go.

    On a side note: Most tourneys end with the bb nears the size of the starting stack. So, with your blind structure I'm guessing an 8 man game with not too many rebuys will end around the 2K/4K level +/- 1.

    Let us see some picks once they are on your doorstep!


  3. Many thanks, Roland, you are the chip man! A minor aesthetic reason for my buying chips in multiples of 20 is that the chip trays in which they will be stored carry 100 chips in five rows of 20 chips each. Since I'll undoubtedly be admiring the chips sitting on the shelf in their acrylic case much more often than playing with them, I guess that counts!

    The six decks of cards, chip carrier and chip trays are all in the mail so I have something to look forward to. Today being another in a string of cold, grey, wet autumn days seems as good as any to place the order for the chips. Technical question -- how does one post photos to the blog? Thanks again!

  4. Congrats on a top class setup Benko!

    Posting pictures is fairly straightforward.
    1. Start a new Post.
    2. Find the Photo icon above the text area when writing your post.
    3. Click on the photo icon and you will figure out how to upload pics from your PC. I typically use "large size".
    4. Once your pics are up, you can drag and drop them to move them around within the post if need be.
    5. Publish your post - easy!

    Let me know if you get stuck:)

  5. PS: Make sure you use lots of light when taking pics of your chips! It is easy to get shadows. I wouldn't mind seeing your cards and carrier either :)