Saturday, November 7, 2009

More on Benko's Setup

Hey Benko

Once again Im making a new post to accomodate all the hyperlinks :)

Here is a chiptalk table topper. You can find other versions at the online poker shops as well.

I've been looking for the perfect card setup for a long time. I like the backside design on some, especially the black and gold KEM cards. But I don't care for the faces of the KEMs. On the other hand I love the faces that have yellow, especially Fornier. And, I like the COPAG number design and colors on the faces. They seem easiest to read. But, I still haven't found one set that uses all the elements I like. The closest I have come are the Copag Summer Edition that I'm currently using.

All the plastic cards are good and last for a long time, but they all have there own feel too. Choosing a deck is like choosing a chipset - lots of choices! KEM are considered the industry standard in the US at least, but COPAG is gaining fast.

Check out HPT and CaraGails as pick something you like. Pretty soon you will be like me and have a dozen different decks, 4 chipsets and a whole bunch of stuff taking up space and never getting used... LOL

See you tomorrow.



  1. Too many choices! So I guess the only thing to do is put 'em in a poker room and let 'em duke it out. I'm halfway to being like you, Roland, having ordered not a dozen but a mere six decks to try out, all poker size with jumbo index: KEM Arrow (black/gold), COPAG 1546 (black/gold) and Modiano Black Jack (green/brown). (I liked the Dal Negro Net Plus Acetate which is reviwed at HPT but they don't seem to be available anywhere so I went with the Modiano as an Italian entry.)

    See you this afternoon....

  2. Nice choices! The Modiano black jack green/brown will most likely be my next purchase...They look great.

    You are set with cards now :)

  3. Actually my next choice is the Modiano Christallo acetate brown/green. I like the 4 pips better than 2 :)