Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Typical bigstack suckout!

This is the typical hand when u some times wonder whether the site is rigged. It just happens 2 many times and pisses me off;

************** PokerStars spill #31801004388: Turnering #188375404, $3.00+$0.25 USD
14 players left in the 45 pl. turbo
Hold'em No Limit - Nivå IX (300/600) - 19/08/2009 4.38.03 ETBord '188375404 1' 9-max Sete #5 har knappen
Sete 2: hans3754 (5695 i sjetonger)
Sete 3: Kowboys4 (16705 i sjetonger) Bully!
Sete 4: corposano (4160 i sjetonger)
Sete 5: MrSmith999 (3580 i sjetonger)
Sete 6: Terong66 (4105 i sjetonger)
Sete 7: DIHATSU (1850 i sjetonger)
Sete 9: porscheless (1045 i sjetonger)
Terong66: poster liten blind 300
DIHATSU: poster stor blind 600

*** HÅNDKORT ***
Utdelt til MrSmith999 [Kh Kd] A dream hand late
porscheless: høyner 395 til 995 og er All-In ATC, strong solid player
hans3754: kaster
Kowboys4: høyner 2005 til 3000 Bully trying to elimate
corposano: kaster
MrSmith999: høyner 530 til 3530 og er All-In If I had like 8K chips, I mighta only called and shuved post flop
Terong66: kaster
DIHATSU: kaster
Kowboys4: syner 530 Well, he's priced in
*** FLOP *** [4s 3s 5c] oops, the gutshot 2's + the A's and running J's
*** TURN *** [4s 3s 5c] [9s] so far so good!
*** RIVER *** [4s 3s 5c 9s] [2s] Yeah right!
Kowboys4: viser [Ah Jc] (straight, ess til fem)
MrSmith999: viser [Kh Kd] (par i konger)
Kowboys4 innkasserte 5070 fra side potten
porscheless: viser [7h Js] (flush, knekt høy)
porscheless innkasserte 4235 fra hoved potten Lol, good for him!
MrSmith999 [tilskuer] sa, "lol, gg & fuc that! rigged site favours bigstacks l8"


  1. Well, Kowboy donk finished 9th, hehe! With that stack he shoulda easily been ITM.

  2. LOL, the handheld video is great!

    You know I've come to hate KK. I finally broke my losing streak at 14 consecutive ai loses. But, I'll keep shoving my cowboys at any ft.