Monday, February 1, 2010

And the big winner was....

Envelope please!

Congratulations go to Klokkhammer who took down his 3rd main event title! Well Played!

Saturday was the best live game we have ever had! All the guys seemed quite satisfied with the chili I served and all the poker. Running two tables was quite easy thanks in large part to MrSmith. He ran his table without any complaints and the two card shufflers he gave me as a birthday present were a huge hit, not to mention time saver. He also snagged a 12th player for us on very short notice. Thanks for all the help MrSmith!

As you know, Klokkhammer flew in for the event. Thanks for making the effort to come. Sorry about breakfast! It turned out to be money well spent although things were looking bleak for him most of the evening. Players were randomly seated except for the table bosses. MrSmith had klokkhammer, MrEMC2 and Nor69 at his table! The action was heavy from the start with several rebuys early on. I heard klokkhammer mention that he was worried about surviving through the rebuy period. Hopefully he can tell us what happened.

My table was a bit softer and a bit tighter. I played my standard ABC game. I played only 1 hand out of the first 20 and doubled up after nailing my straight. I also folded the best hand in a big multiway pot. The flop was Q high with three clubs on the board. I had JJ and postion. First to act moved all in, Wollmar then moved all in putting the action to me. I felt confident that I was ahead, but with two cards to come, the board was just too wet. I folded and missed out on winning half the chips at my table. I had twice the stack of them both so I could have called and still survived...

Well, not much else happened until we got to the final table. All the regulars made it there, but Klokkhammer and I soon found ourselves short stacked. He was about to get blinded out and moved all in utg. I was just as desperate and also moved all in holding A10. I had the best hand preflop but bricked every street. Klokkhammer caught a lucky card on the river to send me to the rail in 7th place I think. NH!

The other players started several side games at the second table.

Klokkhammer stuggled for a while longer but finally started to get some cards and catch some flops gaining a nice stack. MrSmith was short I think and ended up making a right move, wrong result bubble boy play. Klokkhammer was itm with a huge stack vs MrEMC2 and another friend who has also won a home game. Klokk put his stack to good use and ended up winning it all. Congrats again on a well deserved win!

We started a new game after that with 5 players from our private games. Things went my way this time and I scooped up a nice 1st place giving me a small profit for the evening. I also got revenge on MrSmith in the process. Sorry buddy!

Then since it was only 4:30 am we decided it was smart to play another tourney - LOL! Hyper tubo with 4 players. MrE won that one GG!

There were plenty of exciting hands and ups and downs all evening. I think everyone had a great time. I know I did! Thanks guys :)

I'll be posting our next Private game tonight.



  1. I'll let Roland have the honour, but will reveal that I was the "bubble boy".

  2. I guess Klokkhammer must really be attached to that belt. Nice going, A9!