Monday, February 8, 2010

Next Private Game

UPDATE: I confirm that the game is on for Monday (sorry benko!). Now get on over to Pstars and register...

The next private game is set up for Monday, February 15th. Sunday is Valentine's Day, so I moved the game to the day after. If this date is bad let me know!

On another note, I am taking a break from the multi-table turbos and am going to be focusing on bankroll building through single table play for the next month or two. Grinding 12 at a time is kinda fun :)



  1. Sounds like a plan! Do you mean you are playing 12 tables at a time or winning $12 each time? What level buy-in? Regular or turbo?

    I had built my bankroll up to the point where I thought I should give the $25 6-maxes a shot. Started off red hot with 4 wins and 2 seconds in my first nine outings but lost most of it back over the next 13. Busted out last night when I four-bet someone all-in with KK and he called off his whole stack with K8s. Of course he hit the flush. This was the same guy I put all-in a few hands earlier with AK versus AT and he hit the ten. Poker can be a frustrating game!

    Monday the 15th is a holiday here so unfortunately I'll be driving back down the east coast during the next private game. Weather permitting anyway -- we're still digging out from about two feet of snow with more coming Tuesday.

  2. I'm playing regular speed single table sngs with a $1.20 buyin. I fire up 12 games each set. Even with the high fee, they are profitable. Once I get my bankroll built up, I'll move over to $3 tourneys.

    I feel for your unlucky losses! I definately know the feeling.

    Enjoy your Scandinavian blizzard! If others can't make it, then I'll reschedule the private game.