Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Roland!

I'm sorry to miss Saturday's fun (it's my better half's birthday this time of year too so we'll be at the Kennedy Center for Romeo and Juliet -- poker or ballet, tough choice that!).

Here is a selection of hands from a $13 6-max. During the second hand, I thought of you guys and our earlier discussion about calling all-in with low cards. I actually win a hand with pocket threes for a change but lose an amusing clash of Klokkhammer's favorite hand pitted against itself. Should have just pushed pre-flop on the KQo hand but I didn't think it through. Lost the HU battle and finished second.


  1. Nice aggressive play Benko and nice recovery after the first hand! KQ is too good to fold preflop and if you will be blinded out if you fold post flop. So, yeah I prefer shoving pre even though you probably will bet called by both players. Two other questions for you.

    H1 you made a standard raise preflop after the sb completed. With mediocre cards like 56o I often shove on the bubble or simply check. If I have a strong hand, then I'll make a standard raise as I'm more willing to play post flop. I know shoving seems a bit heavy looking at the Ms, but being on the bubble you don't get called too often. Any thoughts about this line?

    H6 You made a standard raise on an unopened pot with A9o and got an all in reraise in your face. I don't have any read on the shover, but I'm shoving any pair, broadway and Ax suited here. I love the all in reraise in these situations! However, with A9o and a decent stack this hand is a boarderline fold for me. Calling ranges for these situations are tough for me. I think I tend to be overly tight. Any thoughts on profitable calling ranges?

    Finally, regarding the home game. I just lost one player who apparently "forgot" to get a baby sitter. I'm not sure what to think of that. Other than that, everything is set! All the regulars are playing plus a few beginners. If you were a betting man, who would you put your money on to get itm?...

    Thanks for your birthday wishes and enjoy the ballet :)


  2. Nice comments Roland. H1 is not yet the bubble, as it is 6 max.

    H6 I'm shoving. This is "Bubble play" btw Roland. Don't know if that changes anything for you?

    What's up with the drop-out from the home game? Do we need to look for that 12th. player?

  3. 6max top 2 itm! I obviously don't play these often lol.

    I have invited everyone I could (I don't have too many friends you know LOL). If you have a poker player hidden up you sleve then pull him out. If not, I'm not going to stress about it. If we lose another player then we can play single table with 10 players. We will have an extra edge then...

  4. Of course I'd have to bet on the regulars to finish itm but as Phil Hellmuth has observed, if there was no luck involved, he would always win!

    H1 Based on our previous SB/BB play, I expected him to fold to the pre-flop raise. I had checked behind the last few times, missed the flop and had to fold to his lead out bets so I chose this hand to raise. Unfortunately top pair and an OE was second best but too good to get away from when I assumed he put me on high cards. I think I had something like 45% equity on the flop.

    H6 All those turbos must be turning you guys into aggro maniacs! There's no way I'm shoving here on the bubble and here's why. On the bubble in a 6-max, A9o is too good a hand to fold on the button. 3-handed and with the advantage of position, you have to open with a lot of hands (more than 33%) and A9o is well up in that range. So I'm not folding but I'm also not shoving because of the stack sizes. If my M is below 5, I would push but when I start this hand, my M is almost 12, the SB's M is less than 5 and the BB has me covered so pushing is too much risk for too little reward. If I shove and get called by the BB, I'm dead and likely the bubble boy. What the opening raise to 600 does is pot commit me against the SB but not the BB. If the SB shoves, I call but if the BB shoves I fold and still have 2900 chips and an M of almost 10. (I'm getting 2.5/1 pot odds to call the SB's all-in reraise so unless he has AA, I'm getting proper odds and there's actually a reasonable chance I'm ahead or in a race in which case I'm getting great odds. If I lose the hand, as in this case, I still have 2000 chips and an M of almost 7.) Interestingly, if the BB is observant, he will realize that by raising to 600 I've pot committed myself against the SB so I must like my hand at least that much -- hopefully that helps discourage the BB from playing back at me. Finally, raising to 600 rather than shoving provides cover for when I have a strong hand and don't mind the action. QED -- all contrary opinions welcome!