Monday, February 22, 2010

A Short Update

I made the High Orbit leader board again. Two weeks in a row now!

That sounds impressive, but it isn't that hard. I have been eying the leader board for the lowest buyin division, Mercury, since I started grinding the $1.20 tables. Basically, if you can manage to have a positive ROI over 100 games, then you will have enough points to make the high orbit leader board. I'm running about 15% ROI over since I started with these a few weeks ago (about 400 games).

The nice thing is that the bonus for making the leader board more or less offsets the 20% fee.

The top 100 get paid on the Mercury leader board, but only the top 40 (or less) get paid on the higher buyin boards.

If I manage to play another 100 games this week, I'll have enough points to become a Silverstar VIP just like MrSmith.

I'm not getting rich playing these low stakes games, but I have corrected a number of leaks in my game. There is much more post flop play in these regular speed tourneys than in the turbos. So, I'm more careful early and can easlily fold QQ+ hands post flop in bad situations. However, I've probably gotten more aggressive on the bubble. If I have the shortest stack, I'll often shove into the middle stacks with a very wide range assuming they will fold about 90% of the time. I also see that 3 betting works great at this level if you dare. Another week of the $1.20 tables and I should be ready to take a shot at the 3.40 tables....



  1. Nice post Roland! I look forward to having u as a silverstar buddy.

  2. You are too modest, Roland! If I played 100 of these 12 at a time, I'd probably be ROI-. Nice going! I just started a "turbo" (2 month) language course so I'm taking a break from the tables but may do some analyzing with Poker Tracker or Poker Office in my spare time and of course will follow everyone else's exploits on the blog.

  3. Let us know which software you go for Benko and how it works out for you. I might be doing the same soon.