Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Story continued..

I tried to put my comments in your text Roland, but did not manage. So, instead of commenting your text I will continue the story with my version...

I was really worried when I ended in the table with MrSmith, MrEMC2,Nor69, and the first winner of our yearly tournament ever - not to be mentioned by name. MrEMC2 quickly dominated our table, and soon both NOR69 and MrSmith were healthy as well. I managed to almost double in a flush with the Ace on my hand vs another flush. This was against an unknown player, but he soon paid back with a critical hand were I lost 2/3 of my chips in a flush were I had two diamonds and the third diamond appeared on the turn. The player hid his emotions well, and I almost got all-in when the river was in different colour. Luckily I held back, and he simply called with two higher diamonds. I was really close to loose everything on that one! After that I was in trouble, and was very relieved when Roland managed to get the needed player away form the other table in a dramatic hand (three players all-in).

In the final table I was 7th and went down to 8th position. Probably had 20 hand without seeing an ace or king, so when AJ appeared UTG first time, I got called by one of the chip leaders and won. This gave me breathing space, but then again I was short and went all-in UTG with QJs and got called by Rolands Ax! That was quite brutal as I ended up with a flush on the river. It was not nice to beat the host like that, but it was your choice to call an all-in Roland :)

From there it went better. The cards started to appear, and players went out. I have to comment on MrSmiths hand which was right move, but "right result" as well. He went all-in with an K8 and I was last to act with an KK! Very unlucky for MrSmith who was on the bubble.

At this stage I could dominate with huge stack and good cards! I raised and called several bets I do not normally act on, but I felt I could do it with a big stack. The most cruel hand I won was the A7 vs A10 against MrEMC2 forcing him to the third spot. Then I was heads up with a new "and very good player" simply going all-in on almost any bet since I had such a huge stack. Lost the first one, but won the final with 65 vs two overcards. Not very elegant, but I guess I could afford to do it like that. It helps with a bit of luck!

The rest of the evening I lost, so in the end we all had fun - and I think most of the regulars ended on the positive side or close to balance.

Thank you for a great evening Roland!



  1. Nice post klokkhammer! I had forgotten you were holding KK when MrSmith got smoked.

  2. Haha, yes - nh Klokkhammer. The previous hand I was in BB when Klokkhammer raised 2x utg. I held QJo and contemplated for a long time as I was short. After some deliberations I felt that Klokk was raising with AQ or AJ which would leave me with only 1 live card, thus I folded and Klokkhammer turned over AQo. The very next hand was indeed the K8o vs. KK where I shoved from SB. All-in-all a very nice evening where I ended up only -200,- which was a cheap price for an excellent Saturday. Nice chili Roland! Looking forward to the next private game where I can show off my Silver Star status.

  3. Just one question MrSmith: Do you show Silver Stars any respect?

    It does look nice though, and I must admit feeling a twinge of envy...


  4. No, I feel Silver Stars are just donks who have earned the VPP's by throwing away money in ring games, haha. Maybe that is why I now have big problems getting any respect.......