Thursday, February 18, 2010

A chip and a Chair

The following hand history is taken from the last $1.20 single table sng in my set last night. The action picks up a few hands into heads up play. I don't think there is much to be learned from this game, but it was rather fun nonetheless.



  1. Nice comeback, Roland. The main takeaway, I think, is the general observation that many SNG players lack experience and patience when playing heads up, hence the loose calls (hands 5 and 6) and passive play even when short stacked (hand 10). One of the reasons I really like the 6-max format is that as soon as the bubble bursts, you're effectively playing a winner-take-all freezeout for the bulk of the prize pool against someone who often doesn't know what they're doing. NG!

  2. Good point about the 6-max format. Have you compared your ROI on 6-max vs 9 man sngs?

  3. I only went back to the beginning of 2009 so the sample is fairly small, especially for the 9-man SNGs, but I was surprised by the numbers, to say the least.

    $25 6-max Played 32 ROI 47%
    $13 6-max Played 121 ROI 35%
    $6.60 6-max Played 32 ROI 69%
    $33 9-man Played 18 ROI -18%
    $22 9-man Played 48 ROI -1%

    Add in the fact that it takes longer to play a 9-man than a 6-max and the difference is even starker.

  4. Wow! Nice stats. You are crushing the 6-max games at all levels. You have shown a winning style at the single tables that I can only dream of! You are obviously doing most things right. Great work!

  5. Well, -18% and -1% aren't so hot, lol. I'll have to go back and try to figure out why my results are so much better at 6-max than a full table.