Monday, February 15, 2010

Hand history private game Monday 15/2-2010


  1. Congratulations MrSmith! GG

    Surprized you folded KQ on hand 50. You are utg but we are only 5 players. I'm probably raising that one, especially with the chip lead.

    H76 with two pair I probably would have considered reraising on the river. Don't know what the best line here is. NH

    H80 and 105 Nice hands seabreeze. You haven't spanked me like that since I was a little boy LOL! You played a solid game GG.

    H143 Nice line with your raises MrE!

    MrSmith you played a great game. I really liked your bet sizes in particular. No limping, no minriasing and adjusting your bes according to the other stack sizes and situation. You also made some smart folds even though you had solid hands. This is one of the best games I've seen you play! Well done :)

  2. Ty Roland! I took some of the cash gaming experiences and applied it to tourny style (among folding hands here was the mentioned KQ utg), worked well for me this time. HH 76 could have been reraised, but I had some feeling seabreeze could be on a set playing small pp's. Anyway, worked out nicely - but Seabreeze could have won that hand pf by 3x rasing from button, small tip for you there! Always nice to pick up the blinds uncontested, you never know what the BB is holding. I managed to fold several playable hands in BB, among them a QJ and an AJ. I'm curious to know what hand Klokk was holding in HH 91?

  3. Looks like I missed a good one! Nice tight patient play, MrSmith, with a few steals thrown in for good measure. Roland, you had a couple of well timed reraises early, did you have a hand? UL that seabreeze kept waking up with a hand behind you....

  4. Yeah, I got pretty decent cards early. My reraises were with top 10% hands, but not KK+. However, the good cards in those situations were less important as you obviouly know since you asked than the situation. Minraise plus caller makes a great opportunity for the big reraise steal. It is one of the few moves midgame moves I sometimes make without even considering my cards.

  5. It's only fair to tell that you had a good fold MrSmith. As you might have guessed I had A9 in HH91 - giving me a full house. Nice fold and a very good game to you - congratulations!