Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Update

I'll be away from the tables most of the weekend, but here is how things stand at the moment.

I reached the SilverStar VIP level just like MrSmith and my luck seems to be improving already - LOL! I cleared 100 games this week and should make the high orbit leader board again for three weeks running. I guess that means I've learned to beat the $1 tables. I've started mixing in some $3.40 games and am running at the same ROI as the $1 games but haven't played enough to really know. I'll be adding in more of these from next week. However, bankroll management will take precedence. In other words, if I go on a losing streak, then I'll drop back down.

Stragegy-wize I've gotten even tighter the early levels. Peviously I would limp with small pairs (77 or lower) from early position even if no one had acted yet. Now I just folding these and sticking more to Moshman's idea that you need two limpers and position to play these profitably. I surprizingly often get ITM without having played a single hand - LOL!

My bubble play has aslo gotten stricter. If I'm the smallest stack I avoid the chipleader with pretty much all hands. Thus I'll fold AQ if facing a raise from the chip leader preflop. On the flip side, in the same situation, I've opened my shoving range into the middle stacks. In other words, stack sizes and the blind sizes have greater importance than my cards on the bubble. Once I'm ITM, then cards play a greater roll. If I think I'm ahead then I'll play against the big stack.

There are very few situations in which I'm flat calling raises preflop. It is more or less reraise (all in) or fold. Reraising minraisers or limpers is very effective.

Here is a random game that I played (my last game actually). I haven't looked through the HH yet, but I'm guessing you will see examples of the points mentioned above.

MrSmith watched me play a set the other day. He also multitabled 6 games himself. Perhaps he has some observations to add. Finally, if I have time I'm going to play the Turbo Takedown on Sunday if anyone has 3K FPPs to burn...

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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