Thursday, September 17, 2009

3.25/45 turbo 17/9-09

I'm running ok at the moment, easy to play good poker when you pick up hands like this. Any thoughts on FT play? I feel I was a bit too tight from 7 to 3 left.


  1. Some nice hands there, MrSmith! I only had time for a quick run through but as a first pass the hands I would want to look at again are Hands 2, 5, 11, 24, 32, 34, 38, 41, 61, 92, 95 and 96. (You may well have had good reasons for taking the line you did.) Happy to discuss any particular hands which are of interest.

  2. HH2, bad play - I let him get there.
    HH5, on tilt because of HH2, lol! Wanting a confrontation with Moudamouda.
    HH11, weak - a bet of 150-200 woulda won the hand.
    HH24, "sleeping in class", wasn't looking at cards/position/stacks.
    HH32, greed for a bigger pot combined with Melindas "big stack", gut feeling said call instead of raise.
    HH34, melinda first to act postflop and she had me read completely wrong, as I anticipated.
    HH38, building on my TA image, I knew they would fold, even melinda (who I now had excellent notes on). Completely happy to take down the pot pf.
    HH41, Position + hunch feeling I wasn't supposed to be involved in the hand. Sometimes you have to trust your instincts.
    HH61, hunch feeling again, didn't like A6s in that position.
    HH92, geoff played pretty TA as well, he also had the senses to fold a hand earlier post flop vs. someone else. Not interested in a confrontation with him.
    HH95, variation, did not work obv.
    HH96, yes - fear of ending 4th, instead of winning? I wonder what move could have gotten me action here?

  3. GG MrSmith! I just went quickly though the game and agree with the hands that benko mentioned. We, as stated before, have very similar starting hand ranges. The major difference in our style is how we play them, especially bet size.

    In the early stages, hh 11,24 and 32 your play seems a bit passive. On the other hand, 34 and 38 seem a bit agro. I think you are losing equity in both cases.

    You had some very nice hands too!

    The only only hand I really hate is nr 95. I think you spewed your stack with a weak bluff with a weak hand. Your stack was decent and you were getting cards. Patience my friend! Furthermore, most of the action with 4 remaining was preflop shoving. I don't like bluffing with with such a weak hand in this situation, but if you are going to bluff then shoving seems like the right way to do it. If you are going to make a move than do it like you mean it.

    Considerably better finish than I have had of late. Nice game!