Thursday, January 7, 2010

Endless Bubble

This 3-handed bubble lasted from Hand 50 to Hand 159 and then the heads up portion was over in an instant. Thought the bubble would burst on Hand 146 but had my aces cracked by kings.


  1. Nice game benko!
    H36 I thought you were in trouble on this one, but you made a nice catch!
    H74 I sometimes find these hands problematic when facing smallish bets with drawing hands and big pots. Nice fold!
    H95 I thought the bubble would burst on this one.
    Nice recovery after getting your AA cracked!
    Final hand: Once again we see a clear example of a minraise gone bad:) Nice call preflop!


  2. Thanks, Roland.

    H36 was an interesting flop. No hand and no primary draw but a slew of backdoor draws including the NFD and potential gutshots at both ends as well as an overcard ace. If I'm the PFA and it's checked to me, I'll usually C-bet a king high flop on a wet board. Was happy to take the free card on the turn when the perfect 5 of clubs gave me a bunch of outs on the river. Properly valuing backdoor draws is part of my game I'd like to work on.

    H74 In retrospect maybe I should have semi-bluffed the flop with an OE but the later action suggests the button was slow-playing a big hand so perhaps this was a case of wrong play, right result!

  3. I forgot to commend you on a great aggressive game! You played smart.

    I agree with you on both hands benko. However, in MTTs I find these hands difficult. Typically the MTT is nearing the bubble and I have an average stack with an M of 9-10 and a Q of 1. I pick up a playable hand in position and make a pf bet getting called by one of the blinds. Then a questionable flop falls. I make a Cbet getting called again. Check the turn and get faced with a small bet on the river. Either way, suddenly my stack has gone from decent to push-fold range. I don't know the solution to this problem yet, but I get myself into it far too often in the larger MTTs. I hope to avoid this on Sunday when I play the Sunday Million...

  4. Stack sizes and the status of the tournament do change everything. GL on Sunday, at least in the Million! What time does it start?

  5. I still haven't decided whether to play the Warm-Up at 7:30 PM my time or the Million at 10:30 PM. I'll have to see how the family situation is on Sunday before I register ... :)