Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts on Roland's Home Game

Hi guys

I'm preparing for my next home game. It looks like we are going to be 12 players of which 3 0r 4 are pretty inexperienced. I can run my standard set up, but am considering a few changes and have a few questions on which I'd like to hear your thoughts.

1. With 12 we need to start with two tables of 6. This seems ok, people will be able to play a lot of hands and playing out of position will be less severe than at a 9 man table. I'm leaning toward combining players at the final table when we get down to eight. This seems the best balance between all the various factors.
QUESTION: Should I move to one table when we get down to 9 players, wait until we are down to 6 or something in between?

2. Payout With 12 players we can either go top 3 ITM or to 4 ITM (40%, 30%, 20%, 10%). I'm leaning toward top 4 since it seems a bit more friendly and social.
QUESTION: Top 4 or top 3 ITM?

3. Starting stack (length of tourney). We can start with our standard 1500 chips or we can double the starting stack to 3000K. This will make it a deep stack tourney. There will probably be slightly fewer rebuys and the tourney will last about an hour longer. I have enough chips to comfortably do this if we want. I don't really have a preferance on this point yet.
QUESTION: 3000 chip or 1500 chip starting stack?

4. MrSmith, do you have a folding table readily available that we can use as the second table, or should I borrow one from my neighbor. This isn't a problem either way.

In case you are curious, I'll be the table in charge of one table and MrSmith will be the boss at the other. I've already got all the ingredients for the chili too. This is looking to be a fun evening!



  1. Nice. I suggest;
    1. somewhere in between
    2. top 3
    3. Unsure, maybe 1500 in order to increase prizepot? Also, I don't want people to bust early, as it should be a friendly and social game
    4. sorry, the only extra table I have is too heavy/complicated

  2. Thanks for your input MrSmith. I'll wait and see if klokkhammer has anything to add before I finalize the plans. One option regarding stack size is to give everyone a free add-on AFTER the rebuy period....

  3. Very good Roland - this will be fun either way.

    I think we should keep it as social as possible, so when we are 9 or 8 left, then we should make it into a grand table - (as long as it will function with the size of the table). If, we wait until we have six players, then one of the tables will only have three players left, and worst case we could loose 4 out of 6 players from one of the tables before the final table (that's a bit brutal).

    Personally I would prefer top 3, but I tend to support the idea of top 4 so that as many as possible could leave with a good feeling :)

    Quite interesting to play a big tourney with so big stacks. Don't mind playing a long game. I guess we can play another more hard core game in the middle of the night if we have the energy to do so :) Do not understand what a free add-on is, but I am open to any ideas.

  4. Thanks Klokkhammer

    1. I think we will move to the final table at 8 players. This means that the two tables will start with 6 players and continue until they get down to 4 each. If two players bust out from the same table, I'll move a player over from the other table. This way things stay balanced. So your scenario won't happen :) Plus, with 4 players knocked out, they (or we...) will have enough to start a side game if wanted.

    2. You both say top three ITM. I stated top four in my invitation, but hoped for more players at that time. I agree with top 3. It is still top 25% getting ITM which is good for a multi-table tourney. Although, the only player losing money on top 4 is the winner. With top 3 they get 50% but with top 4 they get 40% with the other 10% going to 4th place. 2nd and 3rd are unchanged either way.

    3. Starting stack. I would rather people have to rebuy early rather than having a short stack after the rebuy period has ended. Starting with 1500 rather than 3000 achieves this. However, deep stack is fun. Therefore I suggested a possible "free" add-on.

    In a normal rebuy tourney you can buy an add-on at the end of the rebuy period. Essentially this in an extra rebuy regardless of your stack size. What I suggest is that at the end our rebuy period, ALL PLAYERS recieve an extra 500 chips(or 1500 for that matter)for FREE. Thus the 1st hour acts as a friendly warm up period for the beginners, fattens the prize money with lots of rebuys, and gives players a safe chance to build up their stack. By getting the free add-on we can ensure that everyone has enough chips to play comfortably after the rebuy period ends. The possible big differences is stack sizes is something you woould encounter anyway in an MTT.
    This is the way I'm leaning at the moment. Let me know what you think, I'm open to any ideas!


  5. I think its a good idea to have a free add-on. Agree that it fattens the prize money while it keeps people in the game for a bit longer. It's ok to have a game where the stacks differs a bit more than normal. So, I say go for it.

    I am totally pragmatic about whether its 3 or 4 itm. Maybe its good that we reduce top 1 payout, so that the game has a bit more soft approach.

    PS! Perhaps you should delete the first sentence in the article :)

  6. Great klokkhammer! I think we are all pretty much in agreement concerning what we are tyring to achieve and how best to go about it:)

    What's wrong with the first sentence? You worried the police are reading the blog? I changed it nonetheless:)