Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Private Game on Sunday

I've set up our next Private Game. The details are in the upper left.

We played 7 private games in 2009 (if I remembered to register them all). Thanks for turning out and congrats to us all! Here are the final standings:

This system corresponds with the actual profit rankings for the top 3 spots, but doesn't work as well for the lower spots. I'll see if there is a better way of doing this.



  1. Congratulations Roland! Well deserved victory closely followed by MrSmith and benkogambit.

    Good luck to all this year!.

    I will attend Sunday.

  2. Thanks, both benko and MrSmith were closing fast. I was probably lucky we didn't squeeze in another game or two :)

    klokk, benko, seabreeze, MrE, MrSmith and myself are in on Sunday. If NOR, Wollmar and one of our fanboys turn up we will have a full table...

  3. Excellent! A full table would be fun. GL all.