Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nice cash after a long slump!

After my huge payout for the Milestone hand, things haven't exactly gone my way. I have been getting it in with the best hand, but my stack has been so small that players will call. I needed to amend some for middle tourney play, and l finally got a nice payout last night. Swedestar and I decided to chop it up, we contacted the moderator and the host sorted it out for us, $330 each!

Anyway, here is the HH (permalink);
8/180 Turbo

I'm interested in comments on my play/hands closing in on the bubble. I was chipleader with about 50 players remaining and lost the lead with approx 30 left. From there I remained in top 6-7, but was anxious to get to FT and not mincash placing 18 to 10th. Nevermind the HU, I got it in with JJ vs his KQ, but the hands only reflect that we are discussing and autofolding a lot while the host sorts out the chop.


  1. Congrats MrSmith - GG! I'll look through your game and post my comments tonight. Have to work now.

    Roland GTX

  2. Hey MrSmith

    I've looked through your game. We have very similar hand ranges. Here are my thoughts:

    1. I like your Axs folds the early levels when you are oop. I think your bet sizes are a bit big though. Hand 19 you raise 3x from the btn with A7o. 2.5x would achieve the same thing I think. Also, hand 14 is questionable. Facing an early 3x raiser, you reraise 4x his raise from early mid position with AQo . Your raize again is a bit on the big side and it is too early to go agro with AQo I think.

    2. midgame hands 36, 44, 47, 48. Blinds are 150/300. You raised A7o oop but folded AJo, A8s and AQo. This is an important part of the game. You might want to rethink your ranges here. Also, completing from the sb in hand 50 seems spewy. Put your stack to use and at least minraise these spots. You have tons of fold equity.

    3. Hand 79 you fold AQ facing an all in that you have covered. I'll have to check pokerstove but I think this might be a calling spot.

    4. Hands 87, 92, 96 and 120 You seem to value your pocket pairs. Maybe a bit too much with the smaller ones. Im not sure though, pokerstove.

    5 I love your A3o fold in 129 and your semibluff shove on the wet flop in 135 - perfect!

    6. HU seems messed up in the replayer. It looks like you fold several Ax hands from the sb. No comments therefore.

    All in all, I like that you are typically the aggressor. You raise the hands you play and rarely complete or call preflop oop. I also like your raising ranges and your folding ranges. I think you might want to look at your bet sizes though. They are a bit on the heavy side. This is especially true midgame when stacks start shrinking. You don't want to be priced in when someone moves all in on you and you have a questionable hand (hands 14, 31, 44, 92, 96.

    Good game and nice cash!