Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milestone Hand # 74988000000


We have all dreamt about participating in one of those mouthwatering milestone hands over at Stars. I came home from a party slightly intoxicated last friday and fired up 2 cash tables at $0,05/0,10. After a couple of hours the table freezed and host Jarred announced that we were about to be dealt into milestone hand #74988000000.

I held 22 in BB and shoved my last $16+. 1 guy folded (never understand why people fold in milestone hands) and another dude didn't post, so he never got in on the hand. Anyway, minimum payout is $20, then you get an additional $60 for every VPP you have collected in the last 50 hands.......needless to say, I had been playing extremely LAG contrary to my usual TAG, thus racking up loads of VPP's. The winner collected $684. I was quite anxious when I checked my bankroll, hoping for at least $100, my LAG donk style had gotten me...................

04/02/2012 @ 05.37
$620,00 USD

.....................for my drunk efforts. Poker IS, and should always be played for fun!


  1. Congrats again MrSmith! Enjoy your new invigorated bankroll:)

    Roland GTX

  2. Soon to be blown away cashtabling at stakes I can't handle, easy come easy go, lol!