Monday, February 13, 2012

WBCOOP 2012: Taking a Shot at the Dream

Winning the Pokerstar’s Best Blogger prize would fulfill one dream and pave the way for another!

Roland GTX
The World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP) is back once again! I’ve been actively blogging about poker for three years, and have been playing for even longer. Being recognized as Pokerstar’s Best Blogger would definitely fulfill a longstanding dream as a writer and poker enthusiast. It would do wonders for my blog, Roland’s Room, as well! The honor of winning would be a huge milestone on its own merits. Yet, the $5000 prize it carries would pave the way toward fulfilling yet another dream – making the final table of a major tournament!

The Sunday Million
I play poker because it is fun! Of course, I want to win, but what is the point of chasing that big payday if you aren’t enjoying the journey? Strict bankroll management, aka - responsible fun, normally keeps me at the micro buyin levels. The allure, however, has always been the Sunday Million and the EPT live tournaments. Winning $ 5000 would be my biggest cash to date and would allow me to take a direct shot at my final table dream! I would allot $1075 of the Best Blogger prize money toward five Sunday Million Tickets. At worst, I would finish outside the money in all five, but will have had fun along the way. Perhaps I’ll cash in one or two padding my bankroll even further; thus, allowing for more Sunday Million entries. And maybe, just maybe, I will parley one of those tickets into a final table appearance!

You can find me most days of the week multi-tabling micro and low stakes tourneys. I’m profitable in the $2.50/180s where I’m a regular, but my profits tend to get spent playing higher buyin MTTs like the Sunday Storm or on EPT Steps tickets. I have gotten close several times, but that final table or EPT package keeps eluding me. To help me along this line, $2000 of the Best Blogger prize money would be used to pad my bankroll. This would let me comfortably, and responsibly, move up a level from the $2.50/180s to the $8/180 man turbos. This move would hopefully result in an increase in profit from my bread and butter games that can then be invested in a more sustained effort to win on these two other fronts. These profits could be used to play more low and medium stakes MTTs and could also be used to make a serious EPT Steps run. Trying to win some pots, to win some respect, and to outlast Daniel Negreanu and the other Pokerstars pros would definitely make for a memorable poker experience!

Upgrading my Rig
To make chasing these dreams a bit more comfortable I would also put my decrepit 11” laptop to rest. Running more than eight tables on this old friend isn’t optimal. Therefore, $900 of the prize money would be invested in a new 17" gaming laptop. The larger screen would allow me to squeeze in a few more tables. More tables equal more fun! More tables also mean less time (not games) between ITMs, and this helps me keep tilt at bay.

Keeping my Priorities Straight
Finally, $1000 of the Best Blogger prize money would go to my family. I have fun playing poker regardless of the result (as long as I made the right move that is...). But if I’m successful, then my family deserves to reap the benefits as much as I do!

Good Luck and Have Fun at the tables!

Roland GTX

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  1. Thank you MrSmith!

    The first step is now complete. Pokerstars has "approved my application" and I have received my 10 WBCOOP tickets. The next step is to decide which tourneys I want to enter. All that is left after that is to win one of them...:)

    The promo runs from Feb 23 - March 4. That's right in the middle of vinterferie! So, I'll be unavailable for several days of the action.

    Looking at the schedule, I'll probably be playing a mix of NLHE, PLO and Omaha hi/lo. At least I know a bit about playing Omaha now. That is a big step up from last year's attempt.

    Roland GTX

    PS: Has anyone else been playing lately?

  2. You can vote for my entry in the Best Blogger competition here:

    Roland GTX