Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Spade, WBCOOP and other things

Hi guys,

Red Spade
I got back to the tables last night after a few days break for winter vacation. Yesterday's big event was the $55 Red Spade Tourney which both MrSmith and myself played. I believe Klokkhammer was railbirding, too.

I was in it for four hours, but was pretty much card dead the whole time making for a lot of folding. Very early on I picked up AQo in the bb and called a standard preflop raise from early/mid position. I gave him credit as being a solid player just based on the fact that he was also playing the Sunday Million and assumed that he had a medium pocket pair. I flopped top pair, top kicker with Q high flop. I bet out on the flop and got flatted. Next street was a blank and the villain made a small raise. I wasn't sure if he was making a blocking bet or value bet so i called hoping to keep the pot small. The river was a repeat with another low card and another small bet. Now I was pretty sure I was behind but was priced in to call. He had flopped a set and got nearly half my stack on the hand. I'm not sure how I could have gotten away from this hand.

I recovered but a bit later I picked up QQ and got all in against a short stack with K9 and lost. I recovered again, but never got above the average stack size the rest of the tourney. Later I made a desperation reraise shove with JJ. A big stack misclicked (he had 1010 on another table and thought he was playing that one...) and moved all in over the top. He was holding J3o - LOL! For once JJ held up and I survived a bit longer.

I managed to creep into the money mincashing for 134 bucks and 2274th place out of 25K players. I lasted about 300 hands out of which I only had one AK, no AAs and very few playable situations. I like the concept of this tourney with all the pros, but none landed on my table. Plus, I agree with MrSmith that 180 minute late reg is too long. We were almost itm then...

The WBCOOP has also started up. I would ask you to vote for our blog, but haven't figured out the voting system LOL! I got 10 tickets to use on a bunch of different tourneys and have regged for a mix of NLHE and Omaha. My first tourney will be the 28th, but most that I'm playing are running March 1st to 3rd. You can win anything from $215 to $5 SCOOP tickets in these plus bounties on the pros. The payout structures make it fairly easy to mincash, but I think I'll be trying to get deep.

Live Home Game 
Don't forget our live game on Wed March 7th! I hope we can show the Danes a good time while taking their money...

Roland GTX


  1. Yes I was railbirding for a while. the JJ vs J3 was amusing. I left you shortly after. Well done to get ITM. Good luck on the 7th!


  2. Thanks, wish you could be there for the live game!

    PS: Did your birthday pass silently by over the weekend? Happy Birthday, if so! Did you do anything special?

    Roland GTX

  3. Good stuff Roland, nice cash! As for myself, I regged late (40 minutes after it started). With the blind levels at 12 minutes this was no problem. I noticed the late reg was 180 minutes and thought that was strange and wondered how close we would be to ITM after 3 hours. Anyway, I picked up both KK, AK and AA quite early, but never got any action. I had a pro at my first table, but the table broke after only 4-5 hands. After over 2 hours I decided to raise unopened pot with 89s on button, but hadn't paid attention to the stacksize of the BB....well, I had to fold to his AI. After that I was card-dead and shoved KQs from midpos with approx 10 bb's after a minraise early pos., hoping he was on 99,TT or JJ. He had KK and although I flopped a flushdraw I was out with approx 11K players left.