Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rivering quad

Sometimes the poker gods aren't easy to understand. Roland had some of those recently, and I also had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago. Same thing happened again in a $15/18 Turbo this week :-(
Not easy to get away from those kind of hands. I could have raised a bet after the flop to secure the pot, but when you flop a full house, you want to get the most out of it, lol.

At the end of the day, I managed to recover from that one, even if I had to play short stacked for a long period. Made the 4th place which gives $27.


  1. Talk about right move, wrong result! With the preflop action at those blinds levels, the chances of the villian having AA, and thus being way ahead, are slim. So, you are doubling up in that situation a solid 19 times out of 20. As I try to remind myself, don't sweat the results. You played the hand fine post flop. (I probably would have folded pre with the offsuited A though) Great recovery getting itm in this one MrE! I heard rumors of you winning some big pots at the cash tables this weekend as well...

    My weekend consisted of several KK loses, several QQ loses and a cartload of AKs disasters. Individually, none of them were too tough to swallow, but I think I started tilting when for the 12th time in a row, my late game all in with AKs bricked against a random hand. LOL!

    Roland GTX

  2. I thought about the same thing, folding preflop.
    The initial raise was $74, and I had paid $50 in BB, and it was a 3 player action, as usual.
    Good enough to see a flop, I thought :-)

    Rumors about cash table are correct. Tried some of those the other day, and lost about $30, with the usual larger pp losing against smaller ones hitting the set.
    Tried again on friday, and flopped a set with my pocket 3. The villain got 2 pairs on turn, and shoved all his chips, as I planned :-)
    Total win was some $40+, so as of now, I've earned a few dollars on the cash tables. Not sure whether I like them yet, I'll probably try some more later this week.