Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hand history private game September 2010

Here's the hh for the private game. I had a bad start, tons of crap cards, and seebreeze calling or raising all my steal attempts. On the other hand, you do need the good cards at the end of the game, not early :-)
Poker gods were smiling at me this time, and I was lucky to hit the right cards at the right time.
I'm really sorry for the last hand, Roland, but I think you would have called your AI as well, wouldn't you?
As I said, I do know by far too well how it feels to get rivered :-(

I checked the blogg as well, and it's klokks turn to schedule the next game.
Just to add my 0.02$, I'm fine with 10:30pm, especially on wednesday and thursday nights.


  1. Good stuff E! and congrats on another excellent performance. As for myself, I elected to take the coin flip with Roland on the "bubble" since I had him covered. I was quite annoyed for about 30 seconds.....but then had a good laugh. Happy to see Barbapaps perform well and get ITM. Good turnout with the new time, buy-in + weekday set-up. I am already looking forward to Oktober's tourny, who is next on the list?

  2. Thank you MrS. Excellent isn't the term I would have used, but I'm pleased with the result though :D

    I think it is klokks turn to set up the next tourney ;)

  3. There were several "unlucky" or "close" hands yesterday. The two one card over pocket pair confrontations, the AQ running into KK and my desperate AJ shove vs MrSmiths pocket pair.

    Actually, I think it is a sign that we are playing pretty solid and pretty even poker. The differences in skill levels is not as great as the luck factor anymore.

  4. PS: With a low top pair, weak kicker I'm not sure if I would have called. On one hand, the blinds were still relatively low and the pot wasn't that large when I shoved. You could easily fold and wait for a better spot. On the other hand, with your 3 to 1 chip lead you could afford to take a "free" shot at knocking me out. If you think you can outplay the shortstack heads up, then I would lean toward folding. If you are afraid of the shortstack, then I would call and hope for the best. I'm not afraid of too many players, so I actually think I would have folded to the ai reraise in that spot.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts, and I tend to agree with you. I think I called pretty quickly, without hesitating too much, due to:

    - You limped, which in general means that you don't have any high card, larger than 10.
    - I excluded connected and/or suited cards as well, I believe you would have raised preflop with those.
    - I assumed you got a piece of the flop. If you had top pair like me, your kicker would most likely be worse than mine. Due to the above assumptions, the only possible kicker better than mine would be 9 or 10.
    - In addition, there was also a small chance for a straight, but that would have required 2 running cards.
    - All in all, I was pretty sure I was ahead, and actually pretty annoyed by the fact that I misread your cards, since I didn't even considered the possibility of 2 pairs :-(

  6. Your logic seems pretty sound. However the situation reveals the problem with simply completing (or limping). You never know what the bb might have and thus you never know where you stand post flop.
    1. If I did have two low cards, well 3 low cards came on the flop.
    2. I probably would have raised with A7o preflop, but I would have simply checked with K7o to 87o.
    3. Due to the big difference in stacks, I probably would have checked a small pocket pair as well. By checking I remove the possibility of having to fold to a reraise. And, if I flop my set I'll have a good chance of doubling up.

    All in all, I got very lucky on the flop, and you got lucky on the river.

    Nice hand MrE. I was happy just to have survived the coinflip with MrSmith :)