Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Leaderboard

Thanks for an exciting game yesterday and congratulations once again to MrEMC2! I'm glad you acknowledge that I was ahead when you called my all in on the last hand, but never apologize for winning. Presumably that is exactly what you wanted to do. Luck is an inherent part of the game as we all know all to well. Besides I seem to recall rivering you once or twice during our Drangedal trips. Perhaps we are even now :)

Here is the updated leaderboard at any rate. Our positions are unchanged except for Barbapaps whose itm finish moved him up the ladder. Good game Barbapaps! MrE has retained his top spot, but I doubt that he leads by enough points to feel too comfortable...

Klokkhammer is in charge of our October game. Let me know the details and I can set it up at Pokerstars.

Thanks for the quick posting of your hh MrE. I'll be studying it carefully :)

Roland GTX


  1. Haha, of course my intention was to win :D :D
    And yes, you've rivered me several times in the early days, so we may call it even now ;)
    Two points lead is of course nothing at all, so I'll have to concentrate to maintain that lead in the future. I guess u r quite eager to close that gap, lol.

  2. There will be 11 games this season, and for different reasons many of us have not been able to participate in all tournies due to Roland's "godlike" management of dates/times. Suggestion; Only the 9-10 best results count, every player can strike the 2-3 worst performances or no-shows in the interest of fairness to the competition. Input will be taken from everybody except MrE and Roland. Majority rules?.......LOL!

  3. Thanks for being active with your suggestions MrSmith. However, taking best results will only help if we take the AVERAGE finish per player, rather than total accumulated points. This can have some unexpected consequences.

    I think we discussed this before in several of the April posts :)

  4. Input not taken from MrE and Roland!

  5. LOL! I did the math. If we drop 2 games from our current standings AND average the remaining games. I win and you two tie for 2nd :)

    We could easily remove MrE from his top stop by incorporating the 2009 results into this years. See the Jan 2010 "Private Game on Sunday" post. Regardless of how this season turns out, MrE deserves the Most Improved award!

  6. Even if my input is not appreciated :-)
    As Roland already pointed out, we/you discussed this earlier. I guess there is nothing like a perfect system, ever. But I do also see that I'm happily on top of the list since I've been able to participate everytime.
    Simply being able to strike the bad performance(s) doesn't seem to make sense to me, though.
    We can probably have a complicated system, computing appearances, participants and places in some way, but we make it difficult if we can make it easy?

  7. Or we can run a "Durrr" type challenge to determine the "best player". For example, we could set up 10 minimum buyin private games running simoultaneously. Whoever comes out on top is the best man LOL! I love multitabling!

  8. Correction about the math, you would "lead" and MrE and myself would be second since there's 3 tournies to go. Anyway, it was just meant as a provocation to see if I could get some feedback from others before you started defending your positions, LOL! Klokk!! Next game is when?

  9. Lol - I tried this argument in April fearing that this situation would occur. I think we made a deal then MrSmith - all though I am sympatetic to your complaints. Since, I probably would deserve the price for "the most declining" player of the year I will not start from this angle, but rather pick up the idea of having one game every year with a special status. This will increase the chance of being a lucky donk for an evening instead of being crushed overall during a year :)

    I will suggest to play again soon to build on our momentum, and invite you to play on Sunday the 3rd - 9pm. I am open for 5$ and 10$ - any preferences? Password will be "A9s".

    PS! I think you deserve to be on the top of the leaderboard MrEMC2 - you have played solid during the whole year - well done, but it's not over!

  10. Great Klokkhammer! I'll set up the tourney as soon as the buyin is decided. I would be happy keeping the 10 buyin, but don't really care one way or the other. I guess that seabreeze would probably prefer 5 dollars, but will play either way too.

    The leaderboard is primarily for bragging rights. So, I'm flexible there as well.

    As long as we keep in touch and keep playing I'm happy :)

  11. Nice, and thanks klokk.
    Sundays are ok as well.
    Concerning the buyin, I really don't care. However, I think if there's only one preferring the 5$, we should listen to that.

    Concerning the leaderboard, I'don't give a damn about that one either, as long as I'm on top of it :D :D :D

  12. What happened to anonymous' comments? Anyway, no-show for me on the 3rd as it's the start of "høstferien" and we will be away. I'll instead look forward to the November tourny, GL all!

  13. Høstferie! I might be away too. I'll check tonight. We need to decide the buyin so that we can set up the tourney at any rate. Klokkhammer, you have seen the comments, so now it is up to you to choose :)

    I deleted the anonymous comment since he is still just ranting. If he decides to add anything worthwhile then I'll leave it.

  14. Just checked Sunday the 3rd works for me. We aren't leaving until Wednesday. Lokks like you will be falling a few points behind MrSmith...

  15. Sunday 3rd works for me too. Too bad MrS can't make it :-( What about seebreaze and Benko? Maybe we should consider one week later, sunday 10th?
    Any idea who the "money printer" was :-)

  16. Seabreeze is in Vegas right now, but should be able to play on the 3rd. Benko has been quiet though.

    "Anonymous" is a guy who feels he lost to a bad beat to me quite a while ago. He drops by every now and then to rant and is apparently on tilt. I had his player name before, but am not interested enough to try to find it again.

    As I said, if he wants to comment a hand analysis, play in a private game or even simply state his name, then great. If he is just going to rant then I'm going to delete his comments along with any other spam.

  17. Lol, some people.....
    What about picking a later date? Since we do have such a close leaderboard, I would prefer that everyone can participate. What about the others?

  18. Klokkhammer gets to sort this one out, but the 10th presumably works for me too:)