Friday, August 27, 2010

$13 6-max and $5 knockout

I got inspired by Benko's hand, and since I've been suffering many losses in the 5/27, I decided to give it a try. I fired a $5 knockout and played them simultanously.
I couple of bad decisions, but at the end of the day, it went my way.
But again, I needed the river A for my AA ag QQ in the last hand, since the villain of course got his set on the flop, lol.
I'm not to pleased by calling the J top pair with 3 clubs on the table in the $13 either (hand 78), but all in all, it ended well.
I'm still not certain whether I should have called hand 19, with AKs. There was one AI already, and player 7 reraised prior to that, so I was pretty sure he would call the AI as well. At least one of them had either Ax or big pp, and a 3 player AI is not in my comfort zone, especially if at least one player has me covered. How whould you guys have played that hand?




  1. I live to inspire others, lol! Nice wins, MrE. I think the AKs hand was a good fold although you would have won a big pot. The 4-bet behind you from the big stack says you're beaten. The pot odds you're getting in a 3-way all-in pot compensate for that somewhat but not enough to justify risking elimination so early.

    Once all the chips are in the middle as in the final AA vs. QQ hand, I try not to pay too much attention to the order the cards come off the deck. At that point you were an 80/20 favorite. The fact that the villain flopped a set and you had to hit a two-outer on the river to win doesn't change the fact that this board was one of the 80% you were destined to win. ("The truth is built into the deck," as Phil Laak once observed.) You could just as easily have been the one to flop a set and have him drawing dead. Anyway, psychologically filing this hand in the category "I got my chips in with the best hand and my hand held up" rather than in the category "I was lucky to hit a two-outer on the river" can help even out some of the emotional swings in poker. The same is true, or course, with an all-in coin flip -- you're going to win half the time and lose half the time regardless of the order in which the board cards are revealed.

    In the $13 6-max, it looked to me like you tried to bully the loose/passive BB a bit too much with weak hands but on the whole an excellent start to your 6-max career!

  2. Thx Benko, I'll have to go through the HH in detail later today. As a matter of a fact, I didn't hesitate to lay down that AKs, just got doubts when I saw the outcome. So I'll put this on my lists of good folds then :D
    Concerning the bullying with weak cards, I'll have to check this again. In case you think about the big fait raise HU with Qx, this was actually a misclick, lol.
    Roland had an interesting comment on acting from sb preflop. If all other players have folded, you are actually in a HU situation, but we rarely play these hands like this. That's we I tend to min raise, or 3bb raise from sb rather often, esecially late in the game, and certainly if I've a stack to play with. I quite convinced that most of the players at our level, including myself, aren't too good at defending their blinds. This makes sb raising quite successful, at least most of the time.
    But I'm not certain at all whether this is the correct way of playing :-)
    BTW, did you notice that my poor call at hand 78 was actually the situation we've been discussing earlier, fl table against a set :-)))

  3. Nice games MrE, I agree with benko's comments.

    Regarding the AKs hand, I'm folding in that spot 100% of the time early. However, if this were a turbo single table at a low buyin level ($12 or less), or an MTT, then I would probabably get my chips in there and hope for the best.

    HU in the $13 game was nice and aggressive.

    Your call in hand 78 in the $5 wasn't pretty (sorry)! I liked your initial raise on the flop, but when you got reraised, I would have assumed you were beat and folded.

    I'll be playing tonight after 9PM or so.

    Roland GTX

  4. Thx Roland,
    no, that call wasn't pretty. I should probably upgrade it to a terrible call, lol. I'm trying to recap what I was thinking about. The only thing I remember that I made that decision quickly, since I was busy at the other table as well. I had 600 chips in the pot at that point, and quite a big stack, so I thought: what the heck. Not the best attitude, for sure. But hopefully, I'm learning from it :-)))
    Not sure whether I'm playing tonight, since I do have the kids at home. But I'm probably peeking in to see how u are doing ;)