Thursday, September 16, 2010

Final Table - Finally!

Sorry for not posting lately. I've been quite busy turning a string of bad luck into an even worse string of tilting losses - LOL! Hopefully, my mindset is improving and I can put all that behind me now. In fact, last night I achieved a small milestone. I made my first final table of an MTT. 180 man sngs, freerolls and FPP tourneys don't count :) It wasn't the big payout we all dream of, but just getting there felt pretty good.

The tourney was a  €2.00 buyin, 10 minute blind MTT with 512 players. I played my standard TAG mtt game. I tripled up fairly early with KK for once which allowed me to play all the Axs, sc and small pp hands. Unfortunately, nearly every time I raised preflop with a premium hand, everyone folded. All my big pots came from flopping flopping sets or better as well as pretty aggressive blinds play. My stack size was hovering around the average for most of the mid and late game.

When we got down to the final two tables, nearly all the stacks were equal. The chipleader changed every time someone got knocked out. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to double up at this point. When we got to the final table I was in 5th place with about 150K and the top two had just under 350K chips. All of the players at the ft were passive. Some were tight passive while others were loose passive calling stations. The guy to my right and the guy to my left were huge calling stations. This made stealing difficult, but value betting was profitable. Both had larger stacks than me.

We were down to 8 players when I picked up AA in the small blind. The hand folded around to me and I made a standard 2.5x preflop raise. The bb called and the flop was a K92 rainbow which seemed decent enough for me. I made a pot sized bet on the flop committing me to the hand and the bb called again. The turn  was a J and the pot was now slightly larger than my stack. I knew he would call a shove if he had any pair or a drawing hand as well. I shoved and he called turning over Q10 for the straight - ouch! 

Out in 8th place, but not much I could have done differently given the situation and villian's style. I won a whopping € 23, but as I said, it felt good to finally make a final table.

Roland GTX

Edited a whole bunch of typos including the flop on final hand.


  1. Congrats, Roland! Are you going to post the replay? How long did it take? And what were the cards on the final hand -- there seems to be a typo there as they don't add up to a straight. I'm happy for you....

  2. Congrats from me to, well done. I guess it was a 9 involved, most probably on the table :-)

    Interesting to know how long time the game did last, indeed.
    I'm having "fun" with cash tables these days, trying to make a silverstar in an easy way, lol.
    SO far, I'm break even, and well on track to make the star pretty soon. I'm playing mostly $0.25/0.50 and $0.50/1. A lot of good players out there, but also a huge bunch of less good players :-)

    Any news from MrS concerning the private game?

  3. Thanks guys! The hh is over 300 hands and it wasn't that interesting :) The only real difference from my normal games was that this time my hands that were ahead preflop held up most of the time. Except for the last hand that is.

    The final hand flopped K92 rainbow. Sorry for the typo. I didn't get knocked out until after 2 in the morning and 5 hours of play. I'm a bit tired today.

    PS: I'll probably do a fair amount of cash tabling in conjunction with the 50 bn hand promo, but I'm definitely not rolled for the .50/1.00 level! GL MrE.