Monday, September 13, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel...

My 10 match losing streak finally came to an end with this $6.60 6-max, the longest 6-max I've ever played (180 hands, ending at Level VIII) due to the lengthy bubble which starts at Hand 66. I didn't screen this one and Player 5 turned out to be a very strong multi-tabler. It ended well but I have a nagging feeling that my 3-handed high blind play is still not aggressive enough....


  1. Congrats, I'm glad to see things are heading in the right direction for you benkogambit. I was going to review the bubble action until I saw that half of the hands in the tourney are bubble play. That is long! Being the resident bubble boy expert, I'll go through it later today and tell give you my thoughts. Hopefully, I'll be the one learning something :)

  2. Very nice play, Benko. Congrats. A bubble play like this is putting your patience on test, for sure.
    I noticed that you didn't get a big fat reraise on your set against suited flop in hand 16 :-)))

    I would have played almost any hand exactly like you, so I'm not sure whether you should be more aggressive or not. Interesting if Roland has some comments on that one.
    The only hand I would most probably would have played differently is #143. Having a Q10s on the button, with BB holding a shorter stack, and just short time left to blinds going up to 200/400... Well, I would have made some sort of move on that one, for sure. Whether that is a correct move or not, I'm not sure of course.
    Just 3 hands later, on your next button play, you're shoving with J5o, but blinds were higher of course :-)))

  3. Good point, MrE. My general feeling is that an M of 6 is too early to shove a queen high hand (even if suited and one-gapped) from the button with the big stack still to act but (1) as you note, I probably didn't give enough weight to the fact that the blinds were about to go up on the next hand, chopping my M in half; (2) all three of us were playing pretty tight so a lot of fold equity; and (3) I would have hit a straight, lol! I should probably go back and see how many hands I open folded, including this one, which the Pushbot charts say are +EV. And maybe try just going into Pushbot mode when I reach the bubble in my next few 6-maxes and see how it goes -- it would definitely result in more aggressive play!