Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Non-Nut Flush

Roland, you will appreciate this hand from a $13 6-max. Around the same time I busted out of two SNGs with sets when my opponents back-doored a flush so it all evens out....


  1. Nice one Benko! I typically avoid non-nut flush hands for that very reason. However, in the private game, we had betting and calling on a flop where "chasing" a flush draw seemed unlikely. My flop read was correct in that you had Ax. What bothers me is that I didn't even consider the possibility that you had Axs and were way ahead when the flush card hit on the river!

    I should have revised your range after the action on the turn. I feel like I've made a mistake every time there is a showdown and the villain shows down a hand outside the range I'd assigned them.


  2. Very nice, indeed. It's kind of similar to the hand we hand on sunday. The major difference is of course that u hit top pair on the flop, and 2 pairs on turn, so it wasn't purely chasing a flush, right :-)

  3. In both cases I flopped top pair, weak kicker and in a limped pot thought there was a good chance my opponent didn't have an ace so I was probably ahead. But of course my second hand was much stronger having flopped the nut flush draw and hitting two pair on the turn. Mostly I see both situations as examples where it turns out that I had the best hand AND the best draw and was fortunate to have my opponent hit their draw on the river.

    Increasingly I have been noticing flushes losing to bigger flushes in big pots. So with medium suited connectors, I'd much rather hit the straight (when there's no flush possible) than a flush (which is so obvious and hard to play a big pot unless you're beaten by a higher flush). Deep stacked, have been playing more unsuited connectors (in position or with good pot odds out of position) as a result.