Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Private Game on Sunday!

Hi guys

This is just a friendly reminder that the August private game is scheduled for this coming Sunday. Benko has approved the date and should be making an appearance. Check the upper left hand corner of the blog for the password.

Also, I wanted to mention the set of $4.10 knockouts I played last night. I had 6 tables playing and things were going well in most of them. It looked like I was heading for a profitable evening when things went horribly wrong - LOL. I don't like to rant, but this was rather unusual.

There were 4 players remaining at one table and I had the shortest stack with about 1200 chips. UTG big stack raises and I reraise all in from the sb holding AA. Big stack calls and turns over 44 - oh yeah! The flop runs XX4 giving him a set. Now I'm in trouble. However, the turn is my miracle A giving me set over set. Then the river came and yes he landed the final 1 outer 4. His quad 4s beat my As over 4s full house! Well this roller coaster ride of a hand seemed like a random piece of bad luck. It was also the first time I recall losing a full house to quads though. This seemed like a pretty rare event. I didn't have time to fret about the bubble loss because the action on another table required my attention.

The first hand to pop up after losing to the quads was in another bubble situation. I was in the big blind with the 2nd largest stack and the loose aggressive big stack was the sb to my right. The other two stacks were very short and on the very of being blinded out. The two short stacks folded to the chipleader who minraises from the sb. I look down and see pocket 7s. My stack is so healthy that I decide to flat call and see what the flop brings. The flop was perfect for me A47 rainbow! I flopped my set and am just preying that the villian is holding an A. I lead out with a minraise hoping to entice a reraise. It works perfectly and he makes a solid 3x reraise. Now the pot is huge so I simply 3bet all in and the big stack calls. He shows A10o and I'm way ahead - nice! The turn is another A giving him trips, but giving me a full house - oh yeah! I'm already starting to envision the rest of the game with my monster stack versus 3 micro stacks. Unfortunately, the poker gods had other thoughts in mind. He nailed his 1 outer when the final A was shown. Once again my set turned full house lost to quads.

LOL, sometimes lightning does strike twice...

Seriously though, I wonder if ICM says I should have simply folded my 77 in the second hand and avoided the potential tourney threatening confrontation.

See you on Sunday!

Roland GTX


  1. Terrible! Maybe Pstars should introduce running the flop and/or river twice, like in the high stakes cash games, thus reducing variance. Anyway, MrE can tell us about his AA in a MTT tourney not long ago. I seem to remember this was very late in the tourney and MrE was heading for a very nice cash......AA on a flop A22, The other bigstack guy had__ MrE can complete the story.

  2. I expect to be with you on Sunday. Look forward to it - the summer break was too long.

    The good thing about this unbelievable experience Roland is that it is statistically less chance of that happening again :) - No, don't let us start on that discussion ...

  3. Double ouch! You played the hand correctly though, ICM or no ICM. Your equity after the flop must have been something like 98%. I'll take doubling through the big stack 49 times for every time you bust....

  4. Sunday is shaping up to be a good tourney. I'll send an sms to the non-regulars (you can too MrSmith).

    Thanks for your support guys:) Whenever I have a string of bad luck, I get nervous that I'm actually on tilt. Thankfully, I won the last knockout I played and got the good feeling back. We were already on the bubble after only 21 hands - LOL. The same guy had knocked out ALL of the other players. Luckily, I got some playable situations and good flops and took the rest of the bounties pretty quickly. Only 44 hands for the whole tourney and the blinds were still at 50/100!

    I'm looking forward to you cash table thoughts benko. MrSmith is apparently learning some new tricks too I hear.