Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Set ag flush or str draw on the flop

Hi guys,
I've tried to find a HH for this kind of situation, which has happened to me several times lately, but I can't find it :-(

Anyway, we had almost this sort of hand in our last private game, so here's the scenario:

I'm sitting out position, i.e. sb/bb, and do have a small pair, let's say 77 like Benko had on sunday. No limpers, but button places min raise. It's still early in the game, so I simply call.
Flop is i.e. 710K, all same suite. I've got my set, but there's a possible fl draw on the table. In general, I would check, and wait for the button to act.

Roland mentioned shoving, since you do have 25% chance for a full house? Basically, I would prefer to see the turn and river without risking too many chips, but how to act on big raises from the villain?

The same sort of scenario applies of course to str draw as well. And it certainly depends on position, stack size etc.

Anyway, this is pretty tricky, and not very easy to act correctly. What do you find in your books about that :-)

Update: Had the opposite situation yesterday

CL and BB had been playing tight indeed, and I was simply trying to steal blinds.
Of course, the villain didn't played too smart, by simply calling 2BB raise, instead of reraising, and betting only 1BB when I checked the flop.
Don't slowplay your monsters, MrS stated a while ago, didn't he? :D

Here's a summary of the same tourney as well. Take a close look at hand 12 :D
This was long time before the magic str against the set, lol.
I skipped all hands I wasn't involved into b4 we were ITM. There were many crazy hands there as well, but it tipped my way, for once ;)

PS.: There was also a potential candidate for this type of situation (#69), although I folded my 22 due, since 2 players went AI before me :-) Would have flopped a set, and lost to a flush :D


  1. I know how I play these situations, but I'm not 100% sure if my approach is the smartest. Let me run some numbers and see what makes sense mathematically. I'll post the results tomorrow :)


  2. I'll wait to see what Roland comes up with before commenting!