Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Multitabling $1.40 Knockout SnGs

I have gone back to the basics the last few days multitabling the new $1.40 knockout single table sngs. I like these for several reasons. Firstly, the fee is 15 cents rather than the 20 cents you pay for the standard $1.20 sngs. This doesn't sound like much, but as I've said before, it makes a significant difference in you ROI. Secondly, the knockout amount is 25 cents. This is quite high with respect to the $1 buy in amount. Thus, if you are consistantly winning bounties, then you are really helping your profit. Finally, the opponents are so weak that multitabling sets of 12 has become quite comfortable.

I am running about 60 %  ITM and nearly 40% ROI. The worst set I've had still had a 10 % ROI. Now, what I have noticed is that getting down to the bubble playing standard TAG is easy. All the games thus far have gotten to the bubble while the blinds are still relately low, 100/200 in the worst case. Smart aggressive bubble play works well, but there are always a few players calling extremely light. So, you can't just blindly shove ATC into the middle stacks and expect them to fold. You need some sort of hand that has a chance of winning a showdown.

The biggest problem I am having is playing heads up on multiple tables. Winning these is where you are making the most profit, especially these knockout tourneys. When you take 1st, you win the villian's bounty as well as your own. I usually don't have much of a read on the villian at the start of heads up play. I notice that I end up 2nd much more often when I have 10 tables still running and 2 or 3 are already heads up. Whereas near the end of my set when I only have 2 or 3 tables open and all of them are heads up, I have been winning nearly all of them. This points clearly to the problems with multitabling (for me at least). These tourneys make for a good area for me to improve this weakness.

Anyway, if you want to have some fun, give these things a whirl :)

Roland GTX

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