Friday, June 18, 2010

The art of c-betting

that I'm not handling well, at least not in the 5/27 :-(
A classic sample: final table, mid size stack, blinds 100/200, getting A10o which is folded to my. Players in the blinds are both short, so I raise 3BB. This is probably too small already. All players fold, BB hesitates, and calls, and probably has a small pocket. BB checks the flop, and now what? AI, check or c-bet?
Again, I picked the worst alternative, raising another 3BB, which of course is reraised with an AI. I guess he would have folded an AI from my side.

Simply poor play from my side. No wonder that I'm having a negative stat on the 5$ tourneys :-(

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  1. Nice post Mr E. I'll let the experts comment on this one. It's a tough spot nonetheless.