Monday, June 14, 2010

June Private Game Results

Congratulations to MrEMC2 for taking down his first private game - GG! The final results were 1st MrEMC2, 2nd klokkhammer and 3rd MrSmith999. I donked off my stack on a bad read vs klokkhammer and ended up as bubble boy (nh klokk). Letting MrSmith overtake the top position on the leader board has put me on a serious tilt lol! Now I have to worry about MrSmith and MrE. I'll let the itm guys fill you in on all the details from the game. Here is the current leaderboard.

PS: Our next private game will be in August. We are taking a summer break in July.

Roland GTX


  1. I hope you imported the hand history MrEMC2, as it was your show yesterday. Well done! Now there will be a real fight for the top position for 2010.

    Have a nice summer everyone.

  2. Yes, I am awaiting MrE's upload of the handhistory. When can we expect to see it?

  3. I haven't heard anything from him yet.