Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Private Game Results

Congratulations to Seabreeze for winning our May private game! As you will quickly notice, there were only 4 registered players in the tourney and that includes yours truly who sat out the whole game. I apologize to seabreeze, Janemarie and MrEMC2 for the lack of competition, but hope you had an enjoyable game nonetheless. Bad planning on my part is the main reason for all the no shows. Monday was holiday in Norway. As a result, most of the Norwegain players made use of the long weekend by travelling to their summer places where they either had guests, poor internet connection or simply got their days mixed up. In an attempt to avoid such poor turnout in the future, I'll be posting the date for the June game later today.

Here are the updated leaderboard standings with all the adjustments to the points system :) MrSmith and I are actually tied for first now thanks to my valueable 1 point for sitting out on Sunday. It is purely a random act of chance that Roland GTX is listed above you MrSmith, almost... The same goes for JaneMaria and Barbapaps with 4 points each. JaneMaria has played in more games, and therefore is listed above Barbapaps. MrEMC2 has taken 3rd place in every tourney this year!

Finally, here is seabreeze's hand history from the game. Part 1 runs from the start to where the game gets heads up. Part II is only heads up play. I haven't looked at it yet and am quite curious to see how things went down.

Part I

Part II

Once again congratulations seabreeze - Good Game!

Roland GTX

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