Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enjoy the summer everyone! AA fun hands

I look forward to getting back in the careful on slowplaying those monsters.....

Some more AA fun here. Same tourny a couple of hands inbetween these two


  1. Nice one, Mr S. Enjoy your summer too :-)
    AA is just a pair, someone said, right?

  2. Indeed it is. The second HH shows the same player (#5) get the best of player 3 (obv. 2 different players, lol!) with just a few hands inbetween.

  3. Lol, sometimes life is not funny at all. On the other hand, calling with AA and a fl draw on the table, is pretty poor play, IMHO :-)

  4. Let us know your summer plans E! Roland and myself are planning week 30 in Oslo as a "workweek" without the dragons at home. That means a lot of time for poker and beer.

  5. I'm having the kids until 11.07, back to normal work 12.07. Except for work and watching my ex dragons dog, I'm happy to participate :-)
    If I'm allowed to exchange beer with bubbles, of course :D