Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sundays private game result

First of all, sorry for being so late, but it has been quite a busy week.

I managed to make some steals due to fairly good hands during the early rounds.
Having Roland and MrS to my left, and Klokk and Seabreez, limping and raising a lot of hands, was an akward position, though.

I played tightly, successfully c-bet some A hands. I maybe should have waited with betting my AJ in sb, when I hit the top pair with J on the turn?

Roland managed to steal a couple of bigger hands, before I got AJs in co. I made my standard 4BB bet, 200, and got an instant AI reraise from Seabreez. I had him covered with 360 chips, and was pretty sure that he had a small pp, leaving me with 2 overcards. I decided to call, and was horrified when he showed his AQo. Luckily, I was saved my a magic J on the turn. I have faced quite a lot of such losses myself, so I know how it feels. Sorry Seabreez.

Klokk started to playing more aggressive when blinds were 50/100, betting and calling a lot of hands. Painful to have him just to my right. At the end of the day, he took out Roland with a nice straight, and I was heading for my standard 3. place.

Not this time though. MrS shoved with K10, and Klokk took him out with a KQ, leaving the two of us HU.

I managed to win the first flip with A9 (Klokks favourite hand), against his A5.
The next flip was my 77 against his Q9, the standard 50/50 situation. For a change, my low pp held up, although I was pretty sure that Klokk would make his inside straight on the river.

For the first time, I was in the lead, and got an AA on the next hand. Unfortunately, Klokk didn't take the bait, but I should probably just have called his min raise. As a matter of fact, I was busy on a final table in a 5/27, which took quite a lot of my attention. I missed to bet an A3, with a 3 on the flop, at the same time when I messed up badly on the other table with AK. I didn't notice that
there were actually 3 players left, and called an AI. I can't understand how you manage 12 tables at same time, Roland. I make mistakes already with 2 tables, lol.

Finally, I busted out of the 5/27 with A10 against AA, so I could concentrate on HU against Klokk, who continued to play aggressive, and pulled out almost half of my stack, just by betting harder, or playing better is probably the correct term :-)

I managed to stay alive though, doubled up with AK against A8, bluffing an A, and finally getting another monster KK, against K9.

All in all, I did play ok, but there are several hands I could/should have played differently.

Nice to have ended the 3. place streak, finally.

Last not least, here's the AK term once again: Anna Kournikova, looking good, but (almost) never wins.


  1. Nice 1st post MrE! Welcome on board. I'm very busy enjoying the 38 degree weather (90+ F) in Florida :) See you in a few weeks!

    Roland GTX

    PS: I'm very pleased to see so much action on the blog in my absence. Keep it up!

  2. Sounds nice with such weather, the best excuse to enjoy cold drinks :D

    Say hello to ur family, and enjoy it