Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Update

This has been a great weekend for poker, at least for MrSmith! He took down both our live game on Saturday and our first Pokerstars Home Game on Sunday. Both were well deserved wins - congrats!

Our live game was fun. We were eight players and had a 1 hour rebuy period followed by an add on which everyone took. We ended up with 20 buyins in the prize pot. Here are the results:

1st MrSmith
2nd barbapaps
3rd Roland GTX

There was a lot of action and exciting hands too. Wollmar cracked my aces early after flopping two pair. After a rebuy, I managed to get back in the game. MrEMC, if i remember correctly, lost an all in confrontation after flopping a well concealed straight, but getting rivered by a better, and even more unlikely straight. MrSmith had the pleasure of nailing the first straight flush in our live games. He also won the tourney beating barbapaps heads up with AA on the final hand - nice hands!

We used my new Modiano Cristallo deck. Everyone seemed to like these cards a lot. They are considerably less slippery than the KEMs and are a bit stiffer with a papery texture. The faces are good too with the yellow centers, and the four large pips. They would be the perfect deck if the back design was as nice as KEM and Copag have.

The chili was a popular as ever :) Let me know if you need the recipe.

The Home Game last night was great. Thanks for joining the club and for playing in the tourney. I'll get the next game set up soon. We can save all the specifics for the hand history post coming from MrSmith.

The first WBCOOP tourney is tonight at at 8 PM (Oslo), if you want to railbird. It will be pot limit omaha.

Roland GTX

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