Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Private Game

I haven’t too much to report but did want to wish everyone good luck in 2011. Also, it might be interesting to hear what your poker plans and goals for the new year are. For myself, I am done with the knockouts. They are easy to itm in, but I just didn’t win enough bounties to make them profitable. I have moved on to regular stts instead.

I plan on sticking with the $10 single tables until I am rolled for trying the $20s. As far as bankroll management goes, here are my own guidelines. When I have 100 buyins for a given level, I allow myself to take a shot at the next level. If I drop back below the 100 buyins then I move back down. With 100 buyin minimum my risk of ruin if very low.

For example, 100 buyins at the $5.50 level is 550 dollars. If I have more than that then I can play at the $10 level. If however, I drop to less than 550 dollars then I move back down to the $5.50 sngs. If I keep winning, then once I get 1100 dollars in my account, I can start attempting the $22 sngs.

I have also been playing some micro stakes turbo mtts. Typically, I have been playing sets of six games: four $10 sngs and two 2/180s or 3/45s. Thus far, I’m making money on the sngs and losing money on the mtts.
By the way, running the Pokerprolabs HUD helps ALOT... :)

Finally, we need to get organized for our first private game of the year. I suggest Sunday, January 23rd at 9:00 PM. I’ll set this up tonight on Pokerstars unless I hear from you.

Roland GTX


  1. UPDATE: The tourney is now set up for Sunday the 23rd with a $5 buyin as usual. The password is "freshstart".

    Remember that since this is the first game of 2011, we are all tied for first on the leaderboard...

  2. The January tourney has been moved to the "Home Game" area on Pokerstars. You should have recieved an email form me with the details on joining our club. If you haven't, let me know and i'll send it to you again.