Monday, January 24, 2011

HH Home Game 23/1


  1. Nice game MrSmith! I went through the hand history. You got a lot of playable hands, and you played them well. There were a few small surprizes. The hand where you stacked barbapaps for example. Four limpers preflop and you lead out from the bb with bottom pair and a mediocre kicker! I wouldnt dare that with so many players. I worked great when you got two pair on the turn though. Nice agggressive hand:)

    Heads up, your raising range seemed close to mine, but our raise sizes differ a bit. You get into push fold mode earlier than I do. Not sure which way is better, just an observation.

    Congrats on a well deserved win. No big mistakes.

    Roland GTX

  2. In hand 182 I held KQo and almost called your KK:). This is partly the reason why I decided to call in the end with another KQo. I did not feel good about folding again.
    GG Mr Smith!

  3. Tx Klokkhammer! It was a good HU, ur bet sizes put me off and I thought u were going to get the better off me again......What hand did u hold in HH62? Roland and I are discussing the strategy here.....

  4. Sorry, I can not say for sure anymore. I do remember it was a borderline call, and that I escaped when the flush opportunity came. Was rather convinced somebody had a higher spade than me - I had only one. But, whether I had Ax, straight possibillity or pp - I cannot say.