Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Quartered in PLO Hi/lo and other stuff

I had a very instructive hand last night while playing a set of 1/2 cent cash table pot limit Omaha hi/lo (PLO). In other words, I lost a monster pot - LOL!

I was dealt a great starting hand with A2 hearts and A4 diamonds. This gives lots of possibilities for scooping the pot (winning the high and low). The first guy raised to 6 cents preflop and got a string of 3 callers before it I got to me in late position. I raised pot sized and everyone called making a big pot.

The flop ran 45 hearts and 10 spades giving me lots of outs for scooping. The first guy lead out with a raise again and everyone called. I reraised half the pot getting two callers and two folds. The turn was a 3 spades giving me the nut low, a straight that might hold up for the high and plenty of outs remaining for a heart flush.

The river was another spade. The first guy made a small raise, the next guy reraised but quite small. I thought I had a lock on the low but thought I was in trouble with the high. However, there was over 4 dollars in the pot already. I made a 3 dollar all in reraise hoping the other two would fold since it put them all in as well.

The first guy folded but the second guy called. He won the high with a spade flush. More importantly, he also had A2 so we split the low pot. I only won a quarter of the pot and lost money on the hand!

Getting "quartered" is pretty common apparently. Furthermore, I should never have reraised on the river. I was very likely beat for the high. Furthermore, it would have been much better for me call hoping the third player would call too since I would be winning a portion at least of anything he put in the pot. I misplayed the river in about every way imaginable. I think I learned my lesson though :)

All in all I had a profitable session though and played more aggressive than the first time I played this game.

Other Stuff
If you are reading this you must have noticed the changes to the look and layout of the blog. Let me know what you think. I am open for suggestions. It is easy now to change things on the fly.

Finally, I'm having a live tourney at my place tomorrow. MrSmith and MrE will be there among others. I'll let you know how it goes. I even ordered some new cards for occasion. Brown Modiano Cristallo from I ordered them Tuesday afternoon and they arrived from Denmark yesterday. That was fast delivery. It should be a fun evening, but I think table seating may have a huge impact on the outcome of the game. I can't wait :)

Roland GTX

PS: Did you remember to feed the fish?

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