Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The WBCOOP has started. I played in the PLO preliminary event Monday evening. It played like a money tourney rather than a freeroll. There were 560 players with the top 200 winning tickets to the blogger main event and the top 153 also winning various SCOOP tickets.

I won a few smallish pots early on which helped my confidence. Unfortunately, I missed every flop later in the game. We were down to about 240 players and I was getting short stacked. I picked up a great starting hand AK spades AJ diamonds on the button. A guy in early position made a small raise and got one caller. I made a pot sized raise which committed 90% of my stack. One player called and the flop was three hearts. I moved all in, he called with the flush and I was out 234th. Not much I could do with this one. PLO is a fun game at any rate.

Last night's blogger tourney was NL holdem with 3000 chip starting stacks and 15 minute blinds. There were 720 in this event. It didn't start until 1:00 AM though! I played very aggressive the first hour because I wanted to either build a stack or go to bed. This strategy worked well. I took down several big pots the first hour with all in reraises that got folds from the villian. I was lucky to be at the same table the entire tourney and had good reads on everyone.

I got called once when I reraised all in on the sb. I had AJs and he had 1010. I flopped a J and rivered an A. I lost a fairly big pot a bit later though. A superdonk who had played nearly half the hands made a standard pf raise. I called in the bb holding A10s. The flop was 8 high unsuited. We both checked the flop. The turn was another 8. He lead out with what looked like a c-bet steal and I made a solid reraise. He flat called. We both checked the river and he turned over KK. I lost about 20% of my stack on this hand.

Things went well, but my stack was always about the average. The 3 hour break started on the bubble with 154 players remaining.  Seeing it was 4 in the morning and I was miles away from the chip leaders, I turned off my computer and went to bed.

I checked my mail this morning. 93rd place for a Main Event ticket and an $11 SCOOP ticket! Tonight is the PLO8 event. It starts at 4 AM! I'm not sure if I'll make that one.

Roland GTX

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  1. I didn't make Wednesday's PLO8 event. 4:00 AM was just too early. I will play in tonight's NL holdem event. It starts at 8:00 PM. Say hello if you are online :)

    Roland GTX