Monday, October 11, 2010

October Game Replay


  1. Thanks to Klokk for postponing the event, letting me get a chance to catch up!

    I got some nice hands throughout, also some luck due to the fact that Seabreeze was short in my SB, thus folding a lot of hands (mid-tourny). I'm happy with my oop play and pot controlling by leading out several times.

    HH2-Protecting the BB early + a lead-out bet on a scary board. Pot control and "initiative" oop.

    HH18 thru 33-Protecting BB, leading out oop several times when either getting a piece of the flop, or just to control the pot size. These hands were key to getting me a stack to work with later.

    HH39 Position
    HH50 Nice fold Klokk
    HH69 The A on the flop gives me an easier C-bet. Again, controlling the action/pot size.
    HH70 QTs min bet implying a monster
    HH76 Given the big stack + control.
    HH98 A5s with the stack let's me make that call. Would anyone fold here? Bye Bye klokk.
    HH110 Lol. I knew I was in trouble given the flop, but I played it as I had intended pf if I hit a set.
    HH123 Bye bye Barba
    HH124 Resisting temptation
    HH127 Bye bye MrE
    HH137 4 on turn gives me full house vs. the set. River 4 just completes it. Sry and bye seabreeze.

    Aggro play from there to end. Not wanting to let the HU last long as that stills needs some work and Roland usually has the better of me if we are equally stacksized.

    Anyway, I always like input from you guys. I folded som Arags that might have been playable?

  2. Congrats on a well deserved win MrSmith! I'll check out the hh tonight.

  3. Nice aggressive game MrSmith! You had a lot of playable hands all game with all those AK and pocket pairs.

    I noticed that your preflop game has loosened up a bit since you started cash tabling again. During the low blinds, hand 2 for example, you called bets often from the bb when holding any two suited cards. And you lead out with a bet if you caught any piece of the flop. You never got overly involved with one of these hands. So, it seems like you handle that style well. Nice work! In sngs I typically fold those hands to save chips, but I'm prety tight :) However, even though you willingly called bets oop with these hands, you often folded Ax suited preflop on unopened pots. Oddswize, these hands probably have more potential than the 93s hands as long as you are still carefull postflop.

    I would like to hear people's thoughts on this, especially yours MrSmith.

  4. Nice post Roland. I will look into some of those pf Ax hands. Without giving too much away.....I stuck with my gameplan as I thought it might confuse a little, lol!

  5. Congrats from me too, solid and pretty aggro, as usual :-)
    This is going to be an exciting last game next month, I hope I'll do a little better this time.
    Especially impressed by the fact that you knocked out all players, well done.

  6. Very nice, MrSmith! You stuck to your gameplan and were able to slowly but steadily increase your stack. Interesting how willing you were to defend your BB early with weak hands, especially against a button raise. Can't argue with the results -- I may have to reconsider that aspect of my own game.

    Just a few comments on particular hands:

    Hand 11 I would open raise with A4s early in a short-handed game but folding is fine too.

    Hand 22 I'm very curious what Roland was calling with there!

    Hand 40 Not sure I understand the value of the all-in bet here since there's only 45 chips in the pot. With the big(ger) stack and position on the button, why not make a normal raise here and try to win a few more chips from one of the blinds?

    Hand 74 Did you really fold on the flop here when you could have checked or is that just a glitch in the Hand Replayer? :) Nice river for you!

    Hand 93 This is one A-rag which I think was probably worth opening from the button with given how short stacked the BB was.

    Hand 98 With a lot of time to think about it, I'm probably folding here. Klokk is pretty tight. If he has a bigger ace than me, I don't have the pot odds to call. Of course, his range also includes pocket pairs and apparently KT+ so that has to be factored into the pot odds calculation (if we know him well enough to put him on that range). But the big problem is that Roland is still to act in the BB and if he goes over the top, I've just wasted 500 chips. What do other people think -- call or fold (or reraise all-in!)?

    Hand 110 With the connected flop and an unraised pot (so the BB could easily have ATCs, including 42, 64, 2x or 4x) this may have been one of those times when it was advisable to just bet the set on the flop and try to take down a small pot.

    Congrats again on a nice win. Either of the dates in November that MrE suggested should be okay so I hope to be on hand to play the role of the spoiler....

  7. Sound comments Benko! We missed you on Sunday and hope you are feeling better.

    In Hand 22 I was holding AKs. Since I was on the button, had a decent stack and it was still early in the game, I opted to flat call MrSmtih's preflop raise rather than reraising.

    I then called his flop bet thinking there was a decent chance that we had both missed the flop and that MrSmtih was making a standard C-bet. Plus, I still had two overcards. When the second J came on the turn, I ought to have folded, but spewed 200 more chips instead. I knew I had played the hand badly. MrSmith and I chatted a bit about it during the game.

    This hand had a pretty big impact on the rest of my game. I was only saved by my lucky double up with AQ vs klokkhammer's AK.