Tuesday, October 12, 2010

November game

Hi everyone,
I don't recall whether we should be trying to play another midweek game, or if we should stick to the sundays?
In case sunday fits everybody, I'll suggest Nov 7th, 9pm as usual.
If you gentlemen prefer a midweek game, we could do that on Nov 3rd, same time as last time.
Up 2 u guys :-)


  1. Your pick E.!, both dates are ok by me.

  2. Since neither Benko nor klokk seem to have any opinion about this, I'll go for sunday 7th, 9pm.
    Same buyin as always. Pick any password that fits, and which indicates that I'm going to be on top of list at the end of the year :D :D

  3. The game is now set up at Pokerstars. Go reg!

  4. Took me 8 tries to get the password to work, lol!

  5. Are you implying that I chose a horrible password or that your typing skills need some improvement?

    I've have rearranged the text under the "private game info" box in an attempt to make life easier for all the others. Perhaps lower case, single word passwords are the way to go in the future :)

  6. Both! I am amused to see that the 3 usual suspects regged first and that the rest of the field seem a bit intimidated (except Seabreeze) and always wait til the last minute. Comments?

  7. Perhaps they are afraid to "attack the leaders" because they know all too well that we hit back even harder (and all three of us are luckboxes) - LOL