Sunday, November 7, 2010

Private game november 2010

here's the hh for yet another exciting private game. It turned out to be as expected, with MrS, Roland and myself playing extremely tight, just to make sure we're not running into some nasty early bustout :-)))
Haven't analyzed the hh yet, but I was getting lucky at the right time, and managed to knock out Roland on a coin flip. I'm not certain about all the other hands as I was playing a 10/27 at the same time, where I made it HU and 2nd place with a nice cashout of $72.
I was lucky to get either the right hands, or the right hits when needed, and knocked out the others one by one. Sorry for the Ax ag Kx, seabreeze. Congrats to Wollmar and Seabreeze for itm, it was 2nd in a row for u, seabreeze?


  1. Congrats on another good game MrE! I guess my strategy next game is to attack you every chance I get from the start. I'm going to need to do as you did this game, knock you out first and go on to win myself (not to mention there will have to be at least 6 players in the game to make it even mathematically possible). Stranger things have happened, but I'll definitely have to get some lucky breaks :) Once again gg!

  2. Thank you Roland. Do we plan a december game as well? Would be nice, but as you mention, I'm now having a comfortable lead on you guys, so I doubt that I'm playing the next one the same way :-)
    But it all depends on the seating, which was in my favourite yesterday.
    BTW, I was close to call #113, having 910o in BB. Your comment like "Can't wait any longer,lol" made me suspicious, though, and I decided to fold to your AA. THAT was lucky.

  3. I was not sure who was going out first for a while, but you recovered extremely well MrEMC2 (GG!). Roland, you need to stop making these comments when you are supposed to be desperate and go all in - it is too much :).

    By the way I had 4 kings in one off the hands but Roland detected my slow play very well :)

    Wollmar67 destroyed me this time. GG Wollmar!

  4. Thanks Klokk,
    It's always kind of annoying not getting paid for the supermonsters. It's indeed tempting to slowplay them, and quads are kind of save to slowplay. But I actually managed to loose a quad over quad just the another day, Qs over 9s, kind brutal.