Friday, November 19, 2010

December Private Game

Seabreeze sent me the info for our last tourney of the season, and it is already set up at Pokerstars. Let's hope for a good turnout.

PS: I'll be gunning for you MrE and I'll be playing to win! I've been working on my Gus Hanson maniac style preparing for the December game. If you are ahead of me, be prepared for some action if you dare raise. If you are after me, be prepared for being forced to call a preflop shove for all your chips. One of us will be the first man knocked out out of the tourney if I have my way - LOL!

Roland GTX


  1. Cool, looking forward to it. Signing up later today, and hope that we're not late, since kiddos and me are going to Hemsedal that weekend :)
    I can't wait to see you playing a maniac Gus hanson style, lol. I guess I'm going to watch to start with :D
    Main objective for me is NOT to bust out first, anyway, and if I'm having some luck when it comes to seating, I'll be able to have some sort of control. Having you on my left, and MrS on my right, is NOT the perfect seating, though :D

  2. I've already contacted Pokerstars support and explained that we needed prearranged seats. You will be on my left so I can shove every unopened hand into you :)

    PS: I'm going to put a post it over my cards and simply shove blindly in any and all situations where I think I have some fold equity - LOL!